Wrinkles and slack skin are a natural result of ageing. The amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases over time and the skin gets thinner. Fat transplantation using your own fat can help to combat this age-related phenomenon.

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Lipofilling Face Details

  • Surgery: 1 -2 hours
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Small incision (donor area) and punctures
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 1-3 days

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Suitable candidates for a facial lipofilling

Lipofilling, lipostructure or fat transplantation is used particularly on the face to fill deep dents in the body. Lipo (fat) filling is used on areas where there is little tissue movement because movement could have caused the fat to break down sooner.

Anyone who is searching for a more natural and long lasting way to fill wrinkles in the face could be a good candidate for a facial lipofilling.

A facial lipofilling in practice?

After local anaesthesia, the fat is harvested from the donor area and purified to be used for filling.

The doctor punctures one or more small holes through the skin in the area to be filled. The fat is then injected carefully in very small amounts; laid down in dozens of very thin columns of grafts along tunnels under the skin. This way, the transplanted fat cells maintain maximum contact with all the surrounding tissue, such as the skin, muscles and cartilage. The surrounding tissues supply the transplanted fat cells with adequate oxygen and nutrients for optimal growth.

What to expect from a facial lipofilling?

The results are immediately visible. The area is usually swollen after the treatment and sometimes bruised, in this case, a cold pack can be soothing. The swelling and bluish colour gradually clear up a few days after the treatment. With a reasonable skin concealing cream product, you can disguise any skin discolouration, allowing you to resume your social life more quickly.

A medical check-up will be scheduled for after your treatment. The final results will only be noticeable after 3 months. If needed, a repeat treatment can be discussed and planned.

Once the transplanted fat cells have grown and fully settled into place, they will behave just like all the other fat cells in your body. This means they will swell in volume if you gain weight and shrink if you lose it again.

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