Nostril correction

Nostril tightening

Are your nostrils wider than you would like? A nostril correction can subtly adjust wide nostrils or nostrils. For this, small incisions are made at the base of your nose, leaving scars barely visible. Each rhinoplasty requires a personalised approach. That way, together we ensure a result you can be proud of.

Price: 1895

Nostrils Basics

  • Surgery: 25 minutes
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 1,5 cm at the base of the nose
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 2 days
  • Bandages: no, ointment

Rhinoplasty in Belgium

The popularity of nostril surgery continues to grow worldwide. The trend is the pursuit of the best version of yourself, personal improvement and self-confidence. Wellness Kliniek Belgium specialises in aesthetic nose surgery and welcomes people from all over the world for rhinoplasty and correction to the nostrils.

Ethnic rhinoplasty

Specialised (ethnic) rhinoplasty takes into account the unique characteristics of your origins. Proper rhinoplasty requires a deep understanding of ethnic anatomical differences. At Wellness Kliniek, we select expert surgeons with experience for a rhinoplasty that suits you best.

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What does a rhinoplasty cost?

Are you curious about the cost of a nostril correction? At Wellness Kliniek, we offer a transparent all-in price for rhinoplasty, such as narrowing the nostrils, which includes anaesthesia and follow-up consultations. Other types of procedures on the nose are also among our specialisations. View all rhinoplasty prices here.

Consultation Nose correction * 60
Consultation Nose correction - Booked online * 30
Nose correction | Narrowing of the nostrils 1895

All prices include VAT, except those marked with an asterisk. These are treatments that are exempt from VAT if, after the consultation, it appears that it concerns a medical indication.

Rhinoplasty prices

Nostril correction price with or without VAT?

In Belgium, medical care, including surgical procedures such as a nose wing correction, can be considered a VAT-exempt service, provided the primary purpose of the procedure is medical in nature. Cosmetic procedures that are not medically necessary are subject to a 21% VAT rate.

Nostril correction: Next Day Surgery Service

Enjoy our Next Day Surgery service, where you can have surgery the very next day after your initial consultation. Considering we receive people from all over the world for nostril correction, like ethnic rhinoplasty, our Next Day Surgery Service is very popular. Consultation and surgery take place within 48 hours. Indicate your preference for Next Day Surgery while making your appointment and get informed about the procedure, stay and return to your home country.

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When to opt for a nostril correction?

You can opt for a nostril correction (rhinoplasty) when you want to adjust the width or shape of your nostrils to bring them into better proportion with the rest of your face, or to improve breathing problems - caused by the shape of your nostrils.

Nostril reduction

Are you considering reducing the size of your nostrils for a more balanced facial profile? The main reason people opt for a nostril correction is when they feel their nostrils are too large and want a more refined profile. This is because hefty nostrils cause your nose to cover a larger area of your face, quickly drawing attention to it. Making nose wings smaller instantly gives the nose a more refined look.

Wide nose rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty for a wide nose can help you achieve a slimmer nose shape, perfectly suited to your unique facial features. Sometimes the nostrils are not necessarily very large, but have a wide presence. In this case, we make the nose narrower by making the nostrils less wide. This makes the nose less prominent on the face. Nose correction wide nose is a minor procedure with an optically great result.

Nasal tip correction

When the shape or projection of your nose tip is not ideal, you can opt for nose tip correction. The aim is to improve specific features of the nose tip, such as refining a thick convex tip, refining a nose tip that is too thick or too wide, lifting a nose tip that points down too much, or correcting an asymmetry. You can read more about nose tip correction here: nose tip surgery.

Nasal bridge correction

A nose that is too big or too high, crooked nose bridge or bump on the nose can make your nose look out of harmony with your face. A nose bridge that is too large or too high is very noticeable. With a nose bridge correction, also known as bridge rhinoplasty, the surgeon can change the shape of the nasal bridge. Most people have a nose correction done to improve the appearance of their nose or to correct breathing problems. We tell you more about this at nasal bridge correction: rhinoplasty.

Correcting crooked, small or large nostrils

The nose is pretty much the centre of the face. If you have too large, too small or uneven nostrils, it can significantly change the appearance of your face. A subtle adjustment is often enough to give your face a more balanced look. However subtle the change, with a rhinoplasty it is possible to add just a little more balance.

Complete rhinoplasty for men & women

Both men and women come to Wellness Kliniek for rhinoplasty every year. Sometimes several adjustments to the nose are desirable to achieve the best result. Of course, you don't have to work out for yourself which procedures are necessary, because our experienced doctors can advise you on that. They will look at which shape of nose best suits your face and which procedures are needed to achieve this.

Frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty

Who is nostril reduction suitable for?

You are a good candidate for having your nostrils made smaller if you are unhappy with the width or size of your nostrils or if they hinder your breathing. This procedure can be done from 18 -20 years, as from then your nose is fully grown. It is important that you have good health. If you use blood thinners, drink alcohol or smoke, the doctor will ask you to stop doing so before the operation.

Reduction of nasal wings: how does the procedure work?

The plastic surgeon makes an incision of about 1.5 centimetres at the base of the nostrils (the alar base). Because the incisions are at the base of your nostrils, they will be barely visible, if at all, after the operation. Moreover, they fade over time, so you will hardly notice them later on.

A nostril correction takes 25 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the exact operation. The treatment can be done under local or general anaesthesia and you can go home the same day.

Does a nostril correction hurt?

No, a nostril correction at Wellness Kliniek is performed under local or general anaesthesia, which means you won't feel any pain during the nose surgery. After surgery, you may experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising around your nostrils, but the pain is usually well controlled with the painkillers prescribed by your surgeon.

What are the living rules after a rhinoplasty?

Based on the surgery, the doctor will give you the exact aftercare rules, which you should strictly follow for the fastest possible recovery. Usually, you should not exercise, do (heavy) work and lifting, smoke and take alcohol for a fortnight, as this can lead to bleeding and inflammation. If you stick to this then the chances of risks and complications after plastic surgery of the nose are minimal.

Recovery and outcome after plastic surgery of the nostrils?

Recovery varies from person to person, but generally you can expect most swelling and bruising to subside within 2 weeks. After a few weeks, you will see the final result.

How often is follow-up after rhinoplasty desirable?

Generally, recovery is quick and nose surgery requires little aftercare.

  • Aftercare: Follow-up consultations, at Wellness Kliniek, for one year after surgery, are free of charge. Should you prefer remote follow-up, you can make an appointment for an online tele-meeting (also called e-consult or virtual online meeting) with the surgeon.
  • Tele-meetings: The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek surgeons offer the option of virtual consultations through a tele-meeting platform. This can be an effective way to monitor the progress of your recovery and discuss any concerns or questions. You can easily book a tele-meeting (e-consult) online.
  • Aftercare instructions for long-distance patients: after the procedure, you will receive a referral letter for your local doctor or nurse in your home country. This letter contains full details of the procedure performed, any specific aftercare instructions, and points of attention for your local healthcare providers.
Can I book Next Day Surgery for rhinoplasty?

Yes. Wellness Kliniek's unique Next Day Surgery Service concept aims to serve international clientele well. This allows you to save travel time and costs. The follow-up consultations can be partly scheduled by tele-meeting. In addition, Wellness Kliniek can - if necessary - refer you to a specialist in your area.

In most cases, however, we recommend staying near Wellness Kliniek for a few days after rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. This allows the first check-up to take place at Wellness Clinic. In addition, the nose has recovered sufficiently to be allowed to fly again. If you do not need to fly, you can simply go home immediately.

Can I choose what my 'new nose' looks like?

Yes, to a certain extent you can specify the preference of the new shape yourself. For example, if you have a 'nice nose' in mind, you can bring a photo to the consultation. A photo can help to communicate your wishes to the plastic surgeon. Anyway, after a no-obligation consultation, you will know what to expect from the correction to your nose or nostrils, so you can make an informed decision. Make your appointment now and find out if our plastic surgeons can make your dream come true.

What is the best age to have a nose job done?

A nose is generally mature when you reach your late teens. A rhinoplasty or nostril correction can be done from 18 years for girls and from 20 years for boys. Men's nose often still grows until this age. It is important to make sure your nose is fully developed and grown out so that the results remain stable after surgery.

What is an ethnic rhinoplasty?

At Wellness Kliniek, we often receive clients from Africa, the Middle East, Asia or South America, for example. Here, noses look different from the Caucasian (Western European) nose from genetic features.

The aim of an ethnic rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is to change the shape or size of the nose while respecting and preserving the patient's unique ethnic characteristics, and preserving everyone's cultural identity.

We want to emphasise that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way! However, we regularly find that clients come to us asking to pursue a more 'Western nose'. Is this your wish? If so, mention it to our specialists. They can use special techniques to put more focus on Western facial features at the nose.

What are the nostril correction advantages and disadvantages?

A correction of the nostrils is a relatively small and quick procedure, but with great visual results. The incisions are small and scars barely visible, as they are hidden at the base of the nose. Moreover, a lot is possible with this accessible procedure, allowing almost any shape nose to be corrected to perfection.

Keep in mind that you should take it easy for the first few weeks after the procedure, as heavy work, sports, smoking and alcohol can hamper recovery, and bleeding may then occur. In addition, the final result will only be visible after several weeks to months. So you have to be patient for a while, but then the results will definitely be there!

Which are the best clinics for rhinoplasty in Europe?

When considering a nose wing correction, it is especially important to get personal advice and to discuss your options and expectations beforehand. You can also consider a number of factors. Wellness Kliniek, for instance, has an internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality label and won the WhatClinic Award several times for excellent patient experience. Reviews rhinoplasty can help you choose a good clinic and the best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty.

Why have excessively large nostrils reduced?

An alar base reduction, also known as nostril reduction, is a surgery specifically aimed at reducing the size of the nostrils by removing tissue at the base of the nostrils. This procedure can reduce the width of your nostrils and provide a more proportional nose shape. Having your nostrils made smaller or equal can be more aesthetically pleasing and possibly improve your breathing. Specialist plastic surgeons, such as at Wellness Kliniek in Belgium, will advise you on which rhinoplasty suits you best.

Is a nostril correction permanent?

Yes, in principle, the result is permanent. However, changes may occur over time due to ageing. Should you still wish to have something adjusted at a later date, we recommend waiting at least 12 months (up to 18 months). At Wellness Kliniek, the general experience is that people are completely satisfied after one rhinoplasty operation and therefore do not need to come back for a second nose procedure.

How safe is nose reduction surgery?

Make safety a top priority if you want to undergo a nose reduction, narrowing of your nostrils or a rhinoplasty. A nose reduction is generally safe, provided the nose reduction is performed by an experienced specialist, such as a plastic surgeon or expert nose surgeon. Nose reduction should be done within the professional environment of a hospital or private clinic. Choose a safe clinic with an international, officially recognised quality label.

Leading clinics, such as Wellness Kliniek in Belgium and Spain, emphasise the safety and experience of their surgeons, in addition to guaranteeing excellent results, an ISO quality certificate supports the results. By considering a nose reduction by a plastic surgeon at a reputable clinic, you can trust the expertise and quality standards essential for a safe and successful outcome to your procedure.

No-obligation consultation nose job correction at Wellness Kliniek

Have you been considering a rhinoplasty for a while now? Then take the step now and book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek. Our doctors will talk to you and tell you objectively about the procedures desirable on the nose to achieve the most beautiful result. If you already have a 'beautiful nose' in mind, you can of course bring along some sample photos to the consultation. Book your non-binding appointment now!

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