Figure correction
Cosmetic surgery after weightloss


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 Body contouring: plastic surgery after weightloss.

Figure correction: Body contouring plastic surgery can help firm the extra skin that you are left with when you lose a lot of weight. Figure contouring surgery is therefore a very popular procedure with stomach bypass patients.

The most popular treatments after extreme weightloss are:

  • Breast Lift
  • Arm Lift
  • Thighplasty
  • Circumferential Body Lift - Torsoplasty

The objective of Body Lifting or body contouring is to bring a body that has lost its beauty back into balance.

Body contouring is an option for those people who have too much excess skin and don't feel good about themselves as a result. After significant weightloss the skin loses its elasticity which can mean that aesthetic correction is necessary.

The abdomen, breasts, back, arms, legs and buttocks can all be corrected.

Skin Lift after weightloss: Am I a suitable candidate?

Every year thousands of post-Bariatric Body Lift procedures are successfully performed all over the world. If they are performed by a qualified surgeon trained in Body Lift surgery then the results are generally very positive.

However there are always risks involved in an operation. You must take this into account.

At the Wellness Kliniek we do not take any unnecessary risks!

Your health is more important than beauty. Safety is always our priority. Our surgeons are extremely careful in the process of patient selection. At the intake consultation the doctor will decide whether you are a suitable candidate. He may also formulate a treatment plan which involves different phases.

Modern surgery

 A traditional general anaesthetic is no longer necessary! This reduces the risks!

In the past figure correction was a long, highly invasive, difficult and risky operation. A general anaesthetic was necessary and the patient had to stay in hospital for several days. Often a blood transfusion was also necessary.

Fortunately a general anaesthetic is no longer required. Thanks to a new operating technique bloodloss is minimal, which means that the recovery period is shorter. These new operating and sedation methods make extensive cosmetic procedures possible without the side-effects of a general anaesthetic. 

Arm Lifting

By making an incision in the armpit and/or along the inner arm, from the armpit to the elbow, the surgeon can remove the excess skin. Sometimes liposuction is also necessary to remove excess fat.

Lifting the Abdomen - Buttocks - Thighs

 The skin becomes saggy as a result of changes in our weight, which means that an abdominoplasty is required. There are different operating techniques to correct the abdominal muscles and remove excess skin and fat. The most commonly performed abddomen procedires after weightloss are:

In this operation the skin at the stomach is lifted, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the excess skin and fatty yissue is removed. Because the skin is tightened in a downward direction the navel is transposed.

This treatment lifts the skin of the abdomen, buttocks and lower back during the same procedure.

Lifting the Breasts

With a breast lift the surgeon removes excess skin and the nipple is transposed to a higher position. Sometimes breast implants are inserted too to make the breasts firmer and increase their volume.

Plastic surgery after weightloss - before Plastic surgery after weightloss - after

Plastic surgery after weightloss

 Upper Body Lift

  • Lifting the skin of the breasts.
  • Transposing the nipples.
  • Inserting breast implants.
  • Abdominoplasty.
Arm lift after weightloss - before Arm lift after weightloss - after

Arm lift after weightloss

 Lifting the Arms

  • An incision in the armpit and along the inside of the upper arm.
Total Body Lift - before Total Body Lift - after

Total Body Lift


 Total Body Lift


  • Thighplasty
  • Torsoplasty = Circumferential Body Lift
  • Breast Lift with implants.

It is best to perform this treatment in two or three phases.

Plastic surgery after weightloss
Your consultation

Lifting the skin - plastic surgery after weightloss - is a specialised treatment. Your decision to undergo Body Lift surgery must be supported by the right reasons. The surgeon will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery. He will propose the best operating technique for safe treatment and great results.

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