Body Lift - Torsoplasty


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 A Body lift, also called torsoplasty reshapes your middle and lower body. In a Body Lift procedure the surgeon removes excess skin from the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.

A Circumferential Body Lift - Torsoplasty - is usually performed following extreme weightloss.

Circumferential Body Lift

After significant weightloss you could consider having a tummy tuck  + buttocks lift performed in one procedure. We call this procedure torsoplasty or a circumferential body lift.

The surgeon makes an incision around the entire circumference of the body. The exact position of the incisions varies from one person to another. The scar usually runs in a circle from hip to hip.

  • The treatment can be performed under intravenous sedation.
  • The excess skin between both incisions is removed.
  • The incisions are brought together and closed.
  • Usually the patient stays at the Kliniek overnight.
  • Recovery generally takes around 6 weeks.
  • The definite results are visible after a year following the operation.
Body Lift after losing weight - before Body Lift after losing weight - after

Body Lift after losing weight

  • Circumferential body lift or torsoplasty
  • also called belt lipectomy or post-bariatric lift.
  • Loose skin is removed from the torso.
  • Abdomen and buttocks are lifted at the same time.
  • The operation lasts between 2 and 4 hours.
Body Lift scar - before Body Lift scar - after

Body Lift scar

  • The post-operative scar runs in a circle
  • from hip to hip

 This treatment is available in a variety of procedures. Sometimes it is desirable to have a full abdominoplasty - abdominal wall correction - buttocks lift and thigh lift, performed in separate procedures. You can find more information about these treatments on the following pages:

Body Lift
Is this treatment suitable for me?

You must have the right motivations for considering Body Lift surgery. The exact position of the scars, the risks of the treatment and details of post-operative recovery will be discussed with you at length beforehand.

The surgeon will examine all the possibilities and suggest the best treatment for you, for safe surgery and the most beautiful results. 

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Body lift price

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Torsoplasty + overnight stay 8000 EUR
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Torsoplasty or bodylift: overview of the possibilities and costs of total bodylift based on a description of the different (combined) interventions and with before and after photo pages. With the circular (scar from hip to hip) body lift  a tummy tuck (abdomen) and a buttock lift are combined. Torsoplasty removes excess skin / flabby body and lifts abdomen and buttocks at the same time. The final results of a total body lift are only visible after about a year and the treatment is very individual. View the results by means of bodylift before/after photo pages and, if necessary, consult our price list with an indication of the costs for bodylift & thighlift. The operations are carried out by experienced surgeons in a safe environment in Belgium.