Let the Wellness Kliniek come to you!

The online consult (also called e-consult or video consultation) is the one-to-one conversation (video call) with the doctor from the comfort of your own home. So you don't have to travel to the Wellness Kliniek for an initial consultation.

Online consultation from home

The online consultation at Wellness Kliniek is a digital (online) consultation with a doctor (over video call), allowing you to find out in an accessible way whether you qualify for the desired procedure. You discuss your wishes and expectations with the doctor or surgeon who will perform the operation. During the online consultation, the doctor will inform you about the possibilities and risks of the treatment.

An online consultation is fine if you live further away, or want to know more about the procedure and everything that is involved.

How to book an online consultation?

Making an appointment is easy. Book your online consultation online or call us. While booking a consultation, you will be asked whether you would like a consultation at the Wellness Kliniek or an online consultation via video call.

We will send you a link to pay for your online consultation and confirm the appointment. Book online and get 50% discount on your online consultation!

When the payment is in order, we will send you a confirmation for the agreed time, as well as a link with login details for the video call and additional information about the next steps, such as providing additional information.

Book online or give us a call

What do you need for an online consultation?

After booking the online consultation with a doctor at Wellness Kliniek, you will be asked in advance to send 3 clear photos, namely a left profile, right profile and a front view of the area to be treated. You will also give the doctor insight into certain (necessary) medical details, and tell about your own wishes and expectations.

During the online consultation, make sure you have a quiet seat and a computer or phone with good internet connection, so that the video call with the doctor can take place optimally. You will never be asked to undress for the camera. The photos will help to make the right diagnosis.

What does an online consultation cost?

Book your online consultation and enjoy a 50% discount on the price. You can find the current rate under the book online button. You can pay for the e-consult directly online.

The online consult is a one-off appointment. If you wish, you can book an additional consultation on location after the online consult, at Wellness Kliniek Genk or Barcelona. This live consultation on location is not included in the price. After the first consultation on location, it is possible to schedule additional consultations, at no extra cost.

Please note, online consultations are not the same as a 'live (or physical) consultation at the Wellness Kliniek'. Although the doctor or surgeon can give a good indication about the suitability of the treatment for you via an online consultation in most cases, the doctor can only give a final approval after he or she has been able to do a clinical examination of your skin, fat, muscle tissue or other parts of the body. As a result, the initial opinion may change in exceptional cases.

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Online consultation and Next Day Surgery

The online consultation can be booked by anyone, and is particularly popular among patients who want to use our Next Day Surgery Service. With this free service from Wellness Kliniek, the physical consultation and treatment take place on consecutive days.

The online consultation clarifies in advance (99%) whether you are a suitable candidate and informs you about all aspects of the treatment. We receive many international patients and the online consultation can save costs and travel time.

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