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Nose correction - Rhinoplasty


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Rhinoplasty - nose correction: With nose corrective surgery we can alter the size and shape of your nose. We can modify the form of the tip of the nose, make the nostrils narrower and remove bumps on the bridge of the nose. We can straighten a crooked nose or modify the angle between the nose and the upper lip. It is also possible to correct a congenital abnormality, breathing disorders or to improve the aesthetic aspect following an accident. 

Nose correction - Rhinoplasty - before Nose correction - Rhinoplasty - after

Nose correction - Rhinoplasty

The shape of the nose is an important facial feature.
A small correction often results in a considerable improvement in one's appearance.

  • Correction of the bridge of the nose

Correction of the bridge and the tip of the nose

Reduce an excessive nose with rhinoplasty

A nose which is too big can be made smaller:

Bone, cartilage and nostrils are remodelled from the inside of the nose. The shape of the end of the nose can be modified as well as the angle between the nose and the upperlip. The surgeon can remove any bumps on the nose, straighten the nose, modify the length and width and if necessary make the nostrils narrower.     

Making the nostrils narrower

Nostrils which are too wide can be made narrower.

The small scars are carefully hidden at the base of the nose so that there is barely any evidence of the procedure later on.

Every nose is different, this is why each nose corrective procedure requires an individual approach. The details of the operation are determined in consultation wth the surgeon during the intake consultation.

Nose in harmony with your face

The nose's new shape is very personal and must suit the face as a whole. The purpose of this procedure is to make the nose fit perfectly with the other facial features.

Implant in the bridge of the nose - before Implant in the bridge of the nose - after

Implant in the bridge of the nose

  • Making the nose narrower
  • Refining the projection of the tip of the nose
  • Elevating the bridge of the nose: using an implant or cartilage graft

As well as traditional surgical techniques we sometimes use cartilage grafting procedures or we insert an implant. This is to support the nose skeleton which is often too flat. The ultimate objective is for the end result to be in perfect harmony with the other facial features.  

Chin correction - before Chin correction - after

Chin correction

If the chin is too small, the nose can appear relatively big in comparison.

Chin or neck corrective surgery is sometimes advisable to make the facial features more balanced. 

Nose correction: your operation

The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you arrive at the Wellness Kliniek in the morning, your surgery is performed, you rest a while, and return home the same evening.

The surgery takes approximately one to two hours.

The incision is usually made inside the nostrils (closed nose correction).  Through the nostrils the surgeon can correct the skeleton, comprised of bone and cartilage. In some patients it is necessary to perform open nose correction. The scars are then hidden at the base of the nose.

Anaesthetic for nose corrective surgery

Nose corrective surgery can be performed under a local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation.

You do not need a general anaesthetic!

We use a combination of the safest sedation techniques: a local anaesthetic is applied to your nose so that you don't feel anything. You will then receive intravenous sedation so that you will not be aware of the operation. This technique is greatly advantageous! Intravenous sedation is safer than a general anaesthetic. Your breathing will not be controlled mechanically, you will breathe for yourself and swallow while you sleep, not feeling any pain at all.

As a rule you are fit and well a couple of hours after the operation and are spared the unpleasant side-effects of a general anaesthetic. You can return home the same day and the recovery process is significantly reduced  

Combination of several modern sedation techniques

This modern sedation technique now means that longer and combined surgical procedures can be performed in complete safety, without involving any unnecessary risks . It is now possible, for example, to combine a nose correction with liposculpture.

Nose correction: aftercare and recovery

After a nose operation the nose is usually put in splints. Sometimes surgical tampons are inserted to absorb any post-operative bleeding. These can be removed a few days later. You will be given special aftercare instructions; make sure you follow them carefully.

Following the operation the face will be swollen and bruised around the eyes. This can last a few weeks. Don't forget to take this into consideration when planning any social activities.

It is important to prevent any blood collecting in the face the first days after the procedure. This is why exposure to extreme heat or cold, use of alcohol, sneezing, squeezing, bending over forwards and lifting is not advised. For the blood to drain properly it is best to sleep with two or three pillows. It will take a few months before the swelling completely disappears and before you will be able to see the end result.

After the operation you will be given our permanent emergency telephone number. We are there to support you day and night. We are there for you until you are fully recovered.

Risks associated with nose corrective surgery

Are there risks associated with rhinoplasty?

Just as with most surgical procedures there are certain risks: including the risk of infection, assymetry, allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, post-operative bleeding, badly formed scar tissue, problems with the wound healing or sensory disturbance. The risk of these complications is extremely small and they can usually be corrected by an additional procedure.

The most important aspect - to avoid disappointment- is that you have realistic expectations. Suitable candidates for nose surgery are patients who want a clear improvement but are not looking for absolute perfection. This means that you must be open and honest about your wishes. You must display a specific deformity or imperfection. You must be in good health and emotionally and psychologically stable. 

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The surgeon's experience and insight in planning your nose operation plays an important role in achieving the best result. During the consultation all details of the operation will be discussed with you: which method is best for you, the expected results, the possible risks and aftercare.

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