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Cosmetic surgery for the nose: rhinoplasty


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Plastic Cosmetic Surgery for the nose: nose correction, also called rhinoplasty corrects the shape, size and functionality of the nose. A misshapen nose can lead to bad breath, congestion or headaches. The aesthetic aspect can also be improved with cosmetic plastic surgery.

The nose is the mid-point of our face and is therefore of great importance to our appearance. If the shape distresses you then it can seriously affect your self-confidence. A small change can often make the greatest difference.

We can change the size and shape of your nose. Sometimes only a simple procedure is necessary to reduce the tip of the nose or the nostrils. Sometimes modifying the bridge of the nose gives the desired result. A nose operation can also involve more complicated surgery whereby the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip is corrected or an implant is inserted. 

Plastic surgery for the nose - before Plastic surgery for the nose - after

Plastic surgery for the nose

Nose: correction of the bridge and tip of the nose:

  • refining the tip of the nose= remodelling the cartilage at the tip of the nose and nostrils.
  • Correction of the bridge of the nose: removing bumps and narrowing the bridge of the nose.

Possible treatments:

  • Correction of the septum (membrane) of the nose
  • Correction of the bridge of the nose
  • Correction of the tip of the nose
  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Nose bridge implant

With cosmetic correction of the nose it is best to wait until the face is fully grown: at around the age of 18.

Plastic surgery for the nose - before Plastic surgery for the nose - after

Plastic surgery for the nose

Nose: correction of the bridge + tip + septum:

  • Refining the tip of the nose = remodelling the cartilage at the tip of the nose and the nostrils.
  • Correction of the bridge of the nose = removing any irregularities + making the bridge of the nose smaller.
  • Correction of the septum = improving the angle of the nose.


Cosmetic - aesthetic nose operations

With cosmetic surgery a crooked nose, a lump on the bridge of the nose or an excessively wide tip of the nose can be easily corrected.

Aesthetic nose correction can be performed with a local anaesthetic or under intravenous sedation.

Closed nose correction:

Most nose operations are performed via the nostrils (closed nose correction). The biggest advantage of a closed nose operation is that it leaves no scars on the outside of the nose; because we alter the shape of the bone tissue and cartilage from the inside we give the nose a new profile.

Open nose correction:

Sometimes it is necessary to perform an open nose correction. This means that an incision is made in the columella (the part of your nose between the nostrils). The incision helps the surgeon to lift the tip of your nose and give the cartilage a new shape. The scar is barely visible once it's healed.     

Nose - Operation

Nose - Operation - Step 1The surgeon makes a number of incisions in the nostrils (closed nose correction) and/or at the base of the nose (open nose correction).

The surgeon can remodel the bone and cartilage into the desired shape through these small incisions. 

Nose - Operation - Step 2The surgeon removes the irregularity (bump) from the bone on the bridge of the nose and can also bring the bones in the nose closer together to make the bridge of the nose smaller.

The cartilage in the tip of the nose is trimmed to give it a more beautiful shape.

Nose - Operation - Step 3Reworking the nasal septum lifts the tip of the nose and improves the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Nose - Operation - Step 4A nose splint helps to keep the bone and cartilage in place during the first few days after the operation.

After the procedure the surgeon will insert surgical tampons into each nostril which will absorb any fluid from the wound. The tampons can be removed after a few days. A nose splint protects the recently operated nose for between 5 and 10 days, depending on the nature of the operation.

Nose corrective surgery is rarely painful though your eyes and nose may be swollen and bruised for a little while.

Because the nose (bone and cartilage) needs to heal the final result is only visible a few months - to a year later.

The results of nose corrective surgery are permanent.

Plastic surgery for the nose: Which treatment is most suitable for me?

During an initial consultation the surgeon assesses whether you are a suitable candidate for a nose correction. The doctor will inform you about the treatment: which surgical technique is best for you, the expected results, the possible risks and aftercare.

A patient may have a large nose and a small chin, in which case a chin correction is perhaps a better choice to achieve the desired result. The proportion of the nose and chin can be determining factors. We aim to achieve the right balance.

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If you are considering having nose corrective surgery it is important that you choose a good clinic and doctor. After all your nose and your face are your calling card!

Make a considered and well-informed choice.
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