Penis: circumcision - removal of the foreskin


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Male genital surgery: circumcision: this involves part or all of the foreskin being surgically removed. Circumcision is a simple procedure. Following the operation recovery is quick. 

Circumcision - male genital surgery

Circumcision (removal of the foreskin) of men or boys is traditional in a number of cultures, but it is most common in the Jewish tradition from the Brit milah.

Circumcision is often performed in the Westen European culture for:

  • Medical reasons
  • Aesthetic or sexual reasons  

Circumcision: Medical reasons

Foreskin removal

Circumcision is the standard procedure for:

  • Phimosis: a narrowing of the foreskin, by which the foreskin can’t be moved over the tip of the penis. Phimosis can be congenital or can be the result of repeated infections of the foreskin. Sometimes the doctor can perform a simple incision, which allows the foreskin to be effectively widened.
  • Paraphimosis: the foreskin is drawn behind the tip and can’t be moved back over the tip of the penis. Paraphimosis is caused by repeated inflammation of the foreskin. Here also, apart from circumcision, a simple incision is often a possibility, which widens the foreskin.
  • Balanitis: repeated inflammation of the tip of the penis and the foreskin.

Circumcision: aesthetic / sexual reasons

  • Enhanced appearance: some men, but also women, find a circumcised penis more attractive. For gentlemen who choose for a circumcision on these aesthetic grounds, hygienic and sexual reasons also often play a part.
  • Hygienic: a circumcised penis produces very little or no smegma and is therefore much easier to keep clean.
  • Sexual experience: although studies claim that a short foreskin has no effect on sexual experience, most men say that the tip of the penis becomes considerably less sensitive. This can have advantages for the sex life.
  • Premature ejaculation: circumcision offers no guarantee, but a less sensitive tip of the penis sometimes helps solve this problem.
  • Longer sex: a less sensitive tip may allow longer lasting sex.
  • Excessively long foreskin: an excessively long foreskin can lead to reduced stimulation of the tip of the penis during sexual intercourse.

Circumcision: the treatment

Circumcision is normally performed using intravenous sedation.

During the procedure the foreskin is shortened considerably and leaves the tip of the penis half or even fully exposed.

Circumcision (removal of the foreskin) takes a half an hour to perform.

After an hour or two the anaesthetic wears off and complete sensation is returned to your penis.

Circumcision: aftercare

Following circumcision it is best to take a few days to rest. The penis can be swollen and reddened or blueish for about a week. The first few days followng the operation you may experience a burning sensation while urinating. For the first three days following circumcision we advise you to change the bandage each time you urinate. Then it is best to take a daily bath in lukewarm water without any soap. We advise you to wear supportive underwear (no boxer shorts) and to keep the penis pointing upwards towards the navel to reduce the swelling more quickly. If necessary you can take paracetamol or apply local anaesthetic cream (such as Lidocaine)if you experience any pain. After a couple of weeks a protective layer will have formed on the tip of the penis and the uncomfortable feeling will be gone. It is best to wait between three to four weeks after the procedure before swimming or playing any sport again. The stitches used during circumcison will dissolve by themselves and fall out after 7 to 14 days. Between four and six weeks after the procedure sex and masturbation is possible once more.

Circumcision: your appointment for a consultation

The procedure to remove the penis' foreskin (circumcision) can vary from one person to another. An comprehensive pre-examination is therefore essential. You can discuss all your questions and wishes with one of our surgeons during your consultation. This consultation will reveal which treatment method is most suitable for you and exactly what you can expect.

We try to keep our waiting times as short as possible. We can usually see you within 4 weeks.

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