Facial & Body Hair Surgery
Moustache - Beard - Pubic Hair: Hair implantation


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HAIR TRANSPLANTATION: implants of your own living, growing and permanent hair. The transplants are taken from an area which provides good donor hair which can be implanted - transplanted to the: 

  • Pubis-  pubic area - pubic mound  
  • Body
  • Moustache
  • Beard

Under local anaesthetic the surgeon takes grafts from head hair and plants them in the desired area. This highly advanced method results in living, growing hair in the desired area. This means that the length of the new hair can be determined by the patient. Trimming of the implanted hair can be necessary.  

Beard / Moustache transplantation

  • The surgeon chooses head hair from the back of your head which is most similar in structure to the hair which forms your beard or moustache. The hairs of a beard and moustache grow in isolation, each follicle just has one hair. The surgeon takes this into account as well as the direction in which each hair will grow.
  • The hairs are harvested and the scar on the back of your head is neatly stitched so that later on it will hardly be noticeable.
  • The harvested hairs are examined and reshaped under the microsope.
  • Each hair is individually isolated and any surplus fat or skin tissue is removed

This preparation ensures that there are no visible scars after implantation and that a pleasing natural density is achieved.

Pubic hair

Hypotrichosis in the pubic area, hair loss or growth stagnation of the pubic hair is a cmmon problem. Aging can also be a cause of pubic hair loss. Micro hair transplant surgery can offer a solution. The result is permanent and looks very natural.
Pubic hair transplantation - before Pubic hair transplantation - after

Pubic hair transplantation

pubic hair implants: by regular waxing or aging the density of one's pubic hair can be reduced.

Transplanted hair is permanent and looks natural.

The Hair clinic: a specialised service

The Wellness Kliniek is specialised in microsurgical hair transplantation procedures. We can implant up to 1000 small grafts in a single session. Depending on the number of hairs per unit this can add up to an equivalent of 3000 - 4500 individual hairs!

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Hair transplantation of fbeard, moustache or in the pubic area. Info about implanting hair in the beard (beard implantation) or on the moustache (moustache implantation). It is also possible to transplant hair to the venus hill for more pubic hair. The transplantation to beard, mustache and groin is permanent and looks natural. Consult the cost of beard implantation and moustache implantation on our clear price list for hair transplantation. The Wellness Kliniek in Belguim has been experienced in all kinds of hair transplantation for more than 10 years. Our plastic surgeons always use the most modern hair transplant techniques.