• Brazilian Butt Lift for 3005 EUR

    Buttock augmentation with own fat.
    The price includes intravenous sedation and VAT.

Brazilian butt lift - BBL surgery


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Are your buttocks too flat or too small? Besides the traditional Buttock lift operative technique there are also other treatments available to enhance, lift or firm your buttocks, make them bigger or just more beautiful.

  • Buttock fold correction: optical improvement of the contour of the buttocks using liposculpture.
  • Brazilian butt lift (bbl surgery): fat transfer to buttocks - lifting the buttocks using injections of the patient's own fat.
  • Buttock augmentation using prostheses / implants: firming with buttock implants.

Brazilian Butt Lift = Filling the buttocks with your own fat

Only healthy and viable cells will yield a successful fat graft.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become very popular in Europe over the last few years.

Buttocks are firmed with injections of the patient's own fat.

During a Brazilian Butt Lift no skin is removed.

  • The surgeon harvests fat from the hips or stomach with liposuction.
  • The harvested fat is then purified by removing dead and damaged cells.
  • The purified fat cels are re-injected into the area where more volume is required.
  • With a Brazilian Butt Lift the uppermost quadrant of the buttocks is filled.

You should know that the final amount injected will NOT be the amount which is removed. The surgeon can usually remove 800 to 1500 cc of fat in an area where you want to lose it most. The harvested fat cells are then purified. About 25% of this healty fat is eligible for use as a filler. The average amount of purified fat cells that your surgeon can transplant per buttock, with success, is therefore between 200 to 350 cc per session.

It is important that the surgeon injects only the healthy and viable cells that will yield a successful fat graft. When proper processing and injection techniques are used, the fat graft has a much better chance that it will ‘take’ and be long lasting. Having a permanent fat graft is the only way to avoid a need for ‘touch ups’.

In order to obtain the volume some patients desire, it might need several sessions of treatment. If you like to add 600cc volume, you might need two to three treatments.

At the Wellness Kliniek we use the modern brazilian butt lipostructure technique: lipostructure gives permanent results. Read more about Lipostructure.

Brazilian Butt Lift - before Brazilian Butt Lift - after

Brazilian Butt Lift

  •  Brazilian Butt Lift

Lipostructure for the buttocks = firming the buttocks and lifting them with the patient's own fat.

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Buttock Fold correction

Buttock Fold correctionWith a buttock fold correction we remove excess skin in the buttock fold to enhance the contour of the buttocks and the buttock fold.

The surgeon makes an ellipsoidal shaped incision in the natural buttock fold.

Sometimes the incision is extended in the direction of the hip.

The shape and position of the buttock fold can also be improved by liposculpture.

With liposculpture no skin is removed: The doctor makes small needle-sized holes in the skin.

Implants: Lifting, firming or enlarging with buttock prostheses

Implants: Lifting, firming or enlarging with buttock prosthesesWe can lift the buttocks by inserting implants.

With a buttock augmentation no skin is removed.

Buttock prostheses exist in different shapes, sizes and fillings. The buttock implants are inserted via a small incision.

Read more about enhancing the buttocks with implants.

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Liposculpture, buttocks firming with your own fat or lifting with implants? Each cosmetic buttock correction is different and must be thoroughly assessed by the surgeon to achive the most beautiful, permanent results.

During the consultation you can discuss your wishes with the surgeon and he can determine the best operative technique to deliver the desired result.

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BBL surgery - Buttock enlargement in Belgium: Enlarging buttocks with own fat: cosmetic surgery to enlarge/strengthen buttocks. The popular name for buttock enlarging with own fat is Brazilian butt lift (Brazilian buttlift or BBL surgery). This consists of fat transfer to your buttocks.  Besides lipofilling with your own fat, it is also important that the new shape is perfect. Our surgeons use the Lipo Structure Coleman method for this purpose. What is the fat transfer to buttocks cost? Check out our price list for bbl surgery. The prices for buttock augmentation at the Wellness Kliniekare always all-in (also after care). Also take a look at the before/after pictures to get an idea of the possible results with buttock surgery.