Why is breast augmentation so affordable at Wellness Kliniek?

Why Are Breast Implants So Cheap at Wellness Kliniek?

'At Wellness Kliniek, we do not measure richness in terms of money, but in the number of people we serve.' - M. Spronken, founder of Wellness Kliniek

blog 02/04/2020 by Caius Spronken

At Wellness Kliniek, we are committed to making aesthetic surgery safe and affordable for everyone. 

Prospective patients are always shocked to find out how low our prices are. They always ask why our breast implant prices are much more affordable than other, smaller clinics. We have compiled all the most frequently asked questions into one blog post. Keep reading to discover how we can offer you the best prosthesis and procedures at competitive prices.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation at Wellness Kliniek Cost?

We offer prospective patients fixed rates for breast implants. We have even created a comprehensive payment package for our patients. The anaesthesia, medical, and aftercare fees come as part of the same package. This inclusive approach means that prospective patients do not have to worry about hidden costs. 

Round silicone prostheses up to 500ccs cost € 2995. Most women can achieve their desired result with implants that are under 500ccs. In some cases, our surgeons will approve implants that are over 500ccs. We charge € 3850 for implants that are larger than 500ccs. 

Our clinic is very well-organised. We perform lots of breast augmentations every day, which means that the personnel costs and overhead costs per surgery are naturally lower. This translates into lower costs for our patients. 

What Level of Quality Can I Expect from Wellness Kliniek?

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of quality and care for each procedure we perform. Our surgeons perform breast implant surgery on women from all over the globe. They are responsible for more than 3,000 augmentations every year. 

We can offer prospective patients quality procedures and low prices. Our team are well-connected in the implant industry. We have deals with the best implant manufacturers in the world. Motiva and Arion are the most reliable and effective in the world. 

Lots of people choose Monobloc implants from Laboratories Arion. Each Monobloc prosthesis comes in one complete block. They are very elastic, which means that our surgeons can insert them through small incisions. Monobloc implants are the best choice for people who want minimal scarring. 

Our specialist team take care of patients before, during, and after their procedure. All our implants patients have a 10-year warranty for their implants.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

There are no hidden costs associated with our breast implant surgery. We have an inclusive pricing structure. When patients pay for the surgery fee they are also paying for the anaesthesia and aftercare costs.  

Our Success Speaks for Itself

Wellness Kliniek is built on 25 years of experience and more than 100,000 satisfied patients. Our clinic is one of the largest clinics for aesthetic surgery in Europe. Our quality certificates guarantee premium services. 

We treat all of our patients with the same level of excellent care and attention. Aftercare procedures are an important part of our service. Each and every one of our patients will be given all the information they need for a successful recovery period. 

How Can You Offer a Premium Service with Low Costs?

We have lots of certificates that prove we provide a quality service. Our materials, logistics, infrastructure, and operational methods have set us apart from other clinics. 

We cannot offer prospective patients extremely low prices. Doing so would jeopardise the quality and care that we are known for. We combine quality and care to provide women from all over the world with safe breast augmentations. 

Your health and safety always come first. Our quality certificates guarantee that you will receive an excellent experience from our team. 

Why Are Breast Augmentations at Wellness Kliniek So Cheap?

Our team of specialist surgeons created the Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery (MIBIS) technique. They invented the technique over fifteen years ago. Now, it is used by surgeons from all over the world.

The MIBIS technique allows us to perform breast augmentations simply, quickly, and safely. Our implant patients can expect scars that are no larger than 3cms.  

There are lots of benefits associated with the MIBIS technique. Smaller incisions create less strain on the human body. They also mean that the surgery takes less time. 

Time is of the essence during any surgical procedure. Shorter surgeries mean that patients are less likely to develop complications from the procedure or the anaesthetic. They also result in faster recovery periods. Our implant patients can return home or to a hotel of their choice a few hours after the procedure. Patients can also book an overnight stay in a private room at Wellness Kliniek.

At Wellness Kliniek, breast implant surgery is a simple, minimally invasive, and extremely safe procedure. Women who want to achieve a full, attractive bust choose our clinic. 

What Other Breast Augmentation Procedures Do You Offer?

Our surgeons specialise in lots of different breast augmentation procedures. We offer our patients breast implant removal and exchange procedures and cosmetic options like nipple surgery. We are happy to accept removal and replacement patients who used a different clinic in the past. 

Anyone can book a consultation with one of our expert surgeons. We will pair you with a surgeon who specialises in your desired outcome. They will assess your situation and answer any questions that you have. If you are undecided about what sort of procedure you want to book, a consultation can help you see all of the options. 

If you are dissatisfied with how your nipples look, we can perform a simple cosmetic procedure to correct them. Our surgeons can correct your nipples in under an hour. This type of surgery is quick and safe. It is performed under local anaesthetic and promises a quick recovery period. 

Safe Breast Augmentations at Wellness Kliniek

Our breast augmentation procedures are safe and cheap. Wellness Kliniek has been a trendsetter in the plastic surgery world for the last 25 years. Our goal was, and still is, to make aesthetic surgery affordable for everyone. We have succeeded in providing 100,000 people with their dream outcomes. 

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