How my rhinoplasty saved my wedding day

How my rhinoplasty saved my wedding day

I am Megane and I would like to tell you my story about my rhinoplasty. Ever since my teenage years, I had suffered from a bump on the bridge of my nose. It made me very insecure and I didn't feel beautiful when pictures were taken of me. I always considered having surgery, but I was too afraid to make the move.

Testimonial 14/04/2023 by Barbra

How the insecurity of my nose defined my life

A while before my wedding, I went to try on my wedding dress. The moment I tried on my wedding dress, I had a trigger moment. I had gotten myself all dolled up and was wearing my beautiful dress, but all I could see at that moment was my nose. I was afraid that everyone would only look at my nose and it would ruin my whole look on my wedding day. The idea that I would not be beautiful enough on my wedding day made me sick.

I had already contacted the photographer and asked not to take pictures of me in profile. I also wanted my future husband to hold his nose in front of mine during the kissing pictures to hide my bump. I completely panicked at the thought of my guests taking pictures of me. Logical since they don't know my insecurity. Then I realized that I no longer had a choice. If I wanted to fully enjoy my wedding day, I had to undergo the surgery. 

Step by step: my rhinoplasty at Wellness Kliniek

I made an appointment with Dr. Taraquois and he explained to me how the surgery would go and what I could expect after the operation. I told him that I only wanted the bump on my nose bridge gone and he reassured me. I immediately felt like he understood me. 

The surgery was scheduled for November 25, just 11 days after the consultation. Fortunately, because I wanted it done as soon as possible. I started a homeopathic treatment to reduce the bruising and swelling after the surgery.

I live in Lille so I had decided to stay in a hotel near the Wellness Kliniek. I was very nervous and could not sleep well that night. On the day of surgery, I was very excited and at the same time a bit anxious because I had never been under anesthesia before.

At 9:30 a.m. I arrived at the clinic, filled out the necessary documents and got my anesthesia outfit from my nurse Mandy. Everyone was very sweet and helpful. The nurse also comforted me. Then profile and front photos were taken and at 10 o'clock I was taken to the operating room. It all went pretty fast! I spoke to the surgeon before I was put under anesthesia to confirm what I wanted in front of my nose. After the anesthesia, I fell asleep immediately; I was tired from worrying all night. After the surgery, I woke up in the recovery room. The nurses were very sweet and asked if everything was okay. They told me that I immediately turned quite blue, but fortunately I was not in pain. I did have a slight dry mouth. 

It was 11:45 when I returned to my room, where my future husband had been waiting for me since I had left for the operating room. I was surprised that I still had no pain. I guess it was the anesthesia that was still working. Mandy, my nurse, brought me something to eat and some soda. I didn't feel like eating at that point, but the soda did go down well! They came to check on me regularly and everything was fine. I was allowed to leave to go home at 2 p.m. and they gave me the surgeon's cell phone number so I could call him day or night if I was worried or if there was any problem.

The recovery after the rhinoplasty at Wellness Kliniek

I returned to Lille, where I lived. I drank regularly to prevent a dry mouth. I took the prescribed medication, including painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

I had many concerns that I couldn't sleep that first night. To my surprise, I eventually did manage to sleep for 4-5 hours after drinking lots of water to hydrate my mouth and throat.

The next morning I still had no pain in my nose. I only had a slight headache and my eyes were a little swollen. After a few days, I stopped taking the medication and had no more pain. After two weeks I was finally allowed to remove the cast, I was excited! I was so happy to see that the bump on my nasal bridge was gone.

My success story at the Wellness Kliniek

I had looked forward to this moment for so long. When I finally saw my nose I was so happy. I was looking forward to my wedding again and was really happy that I made this choice after all. I can recommend it to everyone, if you feel insecure about your nose or anything else, it is really worth informing yourself about the possible solutions. I am grateful for the very friendly medical team, especially Mandy and Stéphanie. I even got to do a little photo shoot for the clinic and received a nice gift. 

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