Removal of varicose veins before and after photos

Varicose vein removal | Before and After

Do you suffer from varicose veins or varices? Don't worry! Our varicose vein removal treatment can help you. Get rid of those unwanted varicose veins that are not only aesthetically disturbing but can also cause physical symptoms. Find out how to regain your beautiful legs with an effective treatment for varicose veins. View before and after photos varicose vein removal to see the transformation that is possible.

Image of prominent veins on the legs before vascular treatment Before
Result of smoother legs without visible veins after vascular treatment After
Photograph of varicose veins before the removal procedure Before
Image of rejuvenated legs without veins after the procedure After
Visualization of dilated veins on the skin prior to vascular intervention Before
Photograph of visibly improved legs after vein removal treatment After

Before and after photos varicose veins

Wellness Kliniek ranks at the top of best European plastic surgery clinics tested by WhatClinic year after year. With numerous specialisations in cosmetic surgery, varicose vein removal is also among the options.

We offer ISO 9001 quality assurance and are proud of the excellent patient experiences we have received over the years.

Want to have varicose veins removed? The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek will tailor the right procedure for varicose vein treatment to your body, depending on the shape and size of the varicose veins. View varicose vein removal before and after photos and book a no-obligation consultation.

Results varicose vein removal

No two varicose veins are the same, which is why the doctor tailors the treatment specifically to the person. From thick varicose veins removal to thin and large varicose veins removal, it's all possible. Whichever treatment is chosen, the result aims to be the same: you want to get rid of those annoying varicose veins!

Pictures varicose vein removal without surgery

Small to medium-sized varicose veins can often be treated without surgery. A fluid is injected into the vein, which reduces the swelling within a few weeks and the swollen vein is no longer visible. This plugging of varicose veins is also known as varicose vein removal without surgery.

Pictures varicose vein removal with laser treatment

Laser treatment is also among the options. It is a good choice in relatively straight varicose veins of a certain thickness. Here, the varicose veins should not be too close under the skin. Is spider vein removal painful? No, as the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. Please note that you should not drive a car for a day after the procedure.

Cosmetic varicose vein removal: before and after photos

Did you know that you can suffer from varicose veins? Think painful and shaky legs, inflammation and fatigue symptoms. Yet varicose vein treatment is often done (also) for cosmetic reasons. Discover the options for cosmetic varicose vein removal and check out the before and after photos of varicose vein removal. On this page, we are happy to show you the results of this treatment.

Safe procedure with beautiful results!

Treatment varicose vein removal is a relatively simple procedure with a result that is both physically and aesthetically pleasing if you suffer from them. Varicose vein removal, how long at home? You can usually return to work the very next day. The doctor treating you will give you the appropriate living rules.

Varicose vein removal costs

What are the costs of surgery varicose vein removal? At Wellness Kliniek, we like to be transparent, which is why we have listed the costs in a clear price table. These costs are all-in, i.e. including proper precaution, aftercare, anaesthesia and VAT. View the current price list with varicose vein removal costs.

Varicose vein removal costs

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Varicose vein before and after photos: schedule a no-obligation consultation!

In this respect, a before and after photo varicose vein removal says more than a thousand words. The result is impressive and those red or blue swollen veins are no longer visible after treatment. Wondering what the doctors at Wellness Kliniek can do for you? Then book a no-obligation consultation and discover the possibilities.

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