Thread Lift - Feather Lift Prices

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What does a thread lift or feather lift cost?

A thread lift is also known as a feather lift. If you are curious about what this procedure costs, please take a look at our transparent pricing table above. More information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thread lift prices at Wellness Kliniek

As you can see on our price list, the price of a thread lift depends on the number of threads you want to have inserted. How many threads will be needed depends entirely on what effect you want and on the specifics of your face. To find out the exact price of a feather lift for you, we recommend that you book a no-obligation consultation. Our doctors will be happy to give you tailored and honest advice on what would be needed to get the desired result.

Thread lift result

A thread lift is a good procedure for anyone struggling with the onset of sagging skin. If fine wrinkles are forming around your eyes, eyebrows, cheeks or other parts of your face, this procedure can help. If you are curious about the results we can achieve with a thread lift, be sure to take a look at our thread lift before and after pictures.

Quick recovery after a feather lift

The thread lift procedure will take between 20 and 40 minutes and you can go home almost immediately after the procedure. Normally, you will be able to go back to your daily activities right away, albeit that you may experience some swelling and redness over the first two days. This will normally clear up in no time.

Easily accessible thread lift clinic

Wellness Kliniek Belgium is located in Genk and easy to get to for people from across Europe. You can also go to our Wellness Kliniek in Barcelona for this procedure. If you live far away, you have the option to book a private room at our clinic. Besides procedures on the face, we also offer other kinds of aesthetic surgery.

Affordable thread lift prices

Another option besides a thread lift is a (mini) facelift. This procedure is, however, rather more invasive, more expensive, and not always necessary. Whichever procedure on your face you go for, we at Wellness Kliniek aim to keep our aesthetic surgery prices affordable. That way, everyone can feel good in their skin!

Schedule a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Do you have any questions about thread lifts or another kind of procedure? Want to know what would be needed to achieve the result you have in mind? Contact us. Schedule a no-obligation consultation and get an instant quote for a thread lift in your situation. After all, every thread lift is customised to the patient and our experienced surgeons always go for the most attractive result. A look that suits your face, in a natural way. So you can feel great and radiate again like you always wanted!

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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