Dental Bleaching Before and After Photos

View before and after pictures of whitened teeth. Results vary from patient to patient. Discuss the possibilities with your doctor at Wellness Kliniek.

Before Dental Bleaching Before
After Dental Bleaching After
Dental Bleaching
Before Bleaching Before
After Bleaching Teeth After
Bleaching Teeth
Before Dental Bleaching Before
After Dental Bleaching After
Dental Bleaching

Before and after pictures of dental bleaching

On this page we have collected some before and after pictures of dental bleaching for you. As you can see, the results that can be achieved with dental bleaching are impressive, with brown teeth disappearing like snow in the sun. The ideal treatment for anyone who wants to smile proudly with a beautiful white teeth!

Help, my teeth are seeming to get less white!

The browning or yellowing of teeth is a process that cannot be stopped over the years. This is partly due to bacteria in the mouth and partly to the consumption of food, drink and tobacco. Especially coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes can significantly discolour the teeth.

When to choose dental bleaching?

Do you think it is important to have radiant and healthy teeth, but have you noticed over the years that your teeth have become a lot less white? Staining that after brushing, polishing and several visits to the dentist still has not disappeared? Or that it just seems to get worse, no matter what you do? Then dental bleaching is the right treatment for you. Note that veneers and crowns cannot be whitened. In this case, our specialised dentists will be happy to help you find a solution.

Safe dental bleaching at Wellness Kliniek

When you have your teeth whitened, it's important that this bleaching is done professionally. Without damaging the enamel or other parts of the teeth. Wellness Kliniek is the right partner for you. Our PrevDent Power Bleach Method combines modern blue light technology with soft bleaching gel, to make teeth whiter in one session. With no risk of damage, 100% safe and beautiful results. Read more about the dental bleaching treatment here.

Dental bleaching result

What can you expect after a dental bleaching treatment at Wellness Kliniek? Teeth that are 6 to 9 shades lighter. Every person's teeth are different and therefore the before and after results of dental bleaching will also vary from person to person, but our dentists can give you personal advice on what to expect. The results then last for an average of 2 to 3 years. Longer is also possible, but it is possible that after some time the staining will return. Optionally, you can repeat the treatment in that case.

Can I achieve the same result with home-use dental bleaching?

A question often asked is whether it is smart to whiten teeth at home with a dental bleaching kit, because it is cheaper than having it done by a professional. First and foremost, you have to take into account that it is a safe product. In Belgium and the Netherlands, however, it is not allowed to sell products with a too high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, because that product is harmful to the tooth enamel.

This ban is good, because hydrogen peroxide in high concentration and improper use can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel. The downside is that home-use dental bleaching kits are often not strong enough to actually whiten teeth. Visually, your teeth may look whiter because the top staining is removed, but the teeth themselves will not actually get whiter.

A dental bleaching treatment at Wellness Kliniek, on the other hand, is performed by specialists using the aforementioned PrevDent Power Bleach Method, in which a special tooth-strengthening agent (nano-hydroxyapatite) is added to the bleaching agent and light technology is also used. This is a much more effective and safe method that actually makes your teeth lighter and whiter.

Transparent all-in price for dental bleaching

We use a fixed price for dental bleaching. So you know in advance where you stand and you can decide whether the investment is worth the beautiful result. The current price can be found on our dental bleaching price page.

A white smile? Book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek!

We have had the pleasure of seeing many patients with a bright white smile. And you could be one of them. But we understand that you're first curious about what our dentists have to say about your teeth. What results can you expect? Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation with advice tailored to your situation.

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