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Compare Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

 The information provided here on the cost of nose correction surgery abroad is obtained from the Treatment Abroad PriceWatch Survey 2008, an independent survey of medical tourism prices, sponsored by Aetna in the UK.

The full report embraces elective surgery (e.g. hip replacement, knee surgery abroad), cosmetic surgery and dental treatment abroad.
Comparisons of the cost of nose correction surgery abroad are provided below. The price comparisons for cosmetic surgery take into account hospital and doctor charges.

Also note that the pound sterling prices calculated below, were based on a Euro conversion rate of €1.2 = £1, and a dollar conversion rate of US$1.75 = £1.

Compare the cost of nose correction abroad

Country UK sterling price including hospital
and doctors’ fees
Euro equivalent US dollar equivalent % SAVING on
UK price
UK £3,500 € 4.200 $6,125  
Wellness Kliniek Belgium £1,563 € 1.875 $2,734 55%
Spain £2,566 € 3.040 $4,433 27%
Thailand £1,526 € 1.831 $2,671 56%
Tunisia £1,398 € 1.678 $2,447 60%
Turkey £1,953 € 2.344 $3,418 44%

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