Eye bags / dark circles under the eyes


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Correcting bags and dark circles under the eyes: info, prices and before & after photos.

Do you have bags under your eyes, dark circles, hollow or sunken eyes, sunken lower eyelids or pockets of fat under the eyes? The causes are very different, as are the solutions.

The surgeon will recommend one or more treatments depending on the cause:  

  • Lower eyelid correction 
  • Correcting the loss of volume with injectable fillers
  • Adapting your diet, following a food intolerance test

Our surgeons are skilled and experienced and consistently strive for the best solution.  

Correction of bags or dark circles under the eyes - before Correction of bags or dark circles under the eyes - after

Correction of bags or dark circles under the eyes


Result: before & after eye bags


Get rid of bags under your eyes with cosmetic plastic surgery.

Removal of bags under the eyes | Lower eyelid correction

Bags and dark circles under the eyes develop when the pocket of fat under the eye starts to sag. The skin becomes thin and wrinkly, the pocket of fat sags too much, the eyes become hollow and dark circles become visible.

Fortunately the surgeon can do something about it:

  • Removing the pocket of fat under the eyes is not always ideal: this method can also lead to 'hollow eye syndrome'.
  • That's why the surgeon sometimes opts for the Hamra technique.
  • The surgeon can transpose the pocket of fat to its original position through an incision just below the eyelashes or on the inside of the eyelid (Hamra transposition).
  • No fatty tissue is removed when transposing the pocket of fat. The fatty tissue is lifted and attached to its original position.

After treatment to correct (fatty) bags under the eyes you will regain your brighter appearance.

Volume restoration with Injectable fillers

Sunken lower eyelids or dark circles can also be treated by adding extra volume. 

By restoring the volume under the eyes the area between the lower eyelid and cheek will be smooth and firm once more.   

Injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid are perfect for restoring the volume under the eyes. Lipofilling also provides the desired result.



Nutrition | Food intolerance test

Fluid retention can also cause bags under the eyes.

Without knowing it you may be oversensitive to bananas or strawberries. Intolerance to certain foods can result in fluid retention under the eyes. This causes a tired appearance, swollen eyes or dark circles. A simple blood test will indicate the foods your body does not tolerate. Read more.

Your appointment

It is important for the surgeon to thoroughly analyse the cause of the bags or dark circles under your eyes. The doctor will recommend the best treatment based on this analysis. 

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For an eyelid correction and/or food intolerance - allergy - blood test we can usually see you within 2 weeks.

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