Do you want to add volume to one part of your body, while in another place you'd rather lose some fat? Lipofilling is a wonderful technique to make this possible! Lipofilling or lipotransfer means that we take fat from your own body and then use it to fill wrinkles, grooves and dents. Check out the possibilities of lipofilling here!

Would you like to have a specific part of the body filled and that area is not listed? No problem! Let us know and get personalised advice! A lot is possible with lipofilling, from coarse contouring to filling the smallest lines!

What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling is the use of one's own, purified body fat as a natural filler. The fat is injected to give more contour and fill wrinkles and furrows.

Lipofilling is thus just a step further than liposuction, where excess fat is only removed. With lipofilling, the focus is on filling, rather than removing fat. The fat is often removed from the hips (love handles), as there is usually excess fat there.

Lipofilling example: you just have a little fat that falls over your trousers (muffin top), and would prefer to see that fat returned to your buttocks. Lipotransfer (fat transfer) takes place, where the purified fat from the hips is injected into the buttocks (lipofilling).

Lipofilling experiences

The experienced surgeons at Wellness Kliniek aim for safe surgery, according to the highest quality standards. Experience and the application of (a combination of) safe techniques, tailored to the patient in question, ensure the most beautiful results time and again. Get personalised advice from a lipofilling specialist and discover the possibilities. View the results and read experiences lipofilling from patients at Wellness Kliniek.

What are the possibilities of lipofilling?

Lipofilling can basically be applied all over the body. First, liposuction is used to remove fat from the desired body area, often abdomen or thighs. In principle, you may choose the liposuction zone yourself, but it is important to know that not every zone contains sufficient fat. This is obviously a requirement for the procedure. A sufficient amount of purified fat must remain to be able to apply lipofilling.

Below, we name some popular zones of lipofilling. Do you have specific requirements and are curious about the possibilities? Then please contact us. Anyway, a personal consultation beforehand is important to know whether you are a suitable candidate for lipofilling treatment.

Lipofilling face: contouring and plumping up

Facial lipofilling helps add just that little bit of extra volume to your face. Fat can also be used to emphasise cheekbones. Furthermore, lipofilling is suitable for filling the chin and jawline. Hyaluronic fillers are a good alternative and are also among the options for facial filling.

Lipofilling face before and after photos

Lipofilling buttocks: Brazilian Butt Lift

Filling the buttocks with your own fat is also known as natural buttock augmentation for a rounder buttock. Keep in mind that only a limited volume of fat, per procedure, takes effect and usually several treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Lipofilling buttocks is also called Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Do you dream of tighter and rounder buttocks? Check out the results lipofilling buttocks and assess whether this procedure is for you.

Lipofilling buttocks before and after photos

Lipofilling breasts: natural breast enlargement

Own fat can also be injected into the breasts. We then call this natural breast augmentation with your own fat, or lipofilling breasts. The advantage is that no foreign material enters the body. It can increase the cup size by one cup size (per treatment). It also offers a solution for uneven breasts, for lipofilling breast on the left or right side. The surgeon at Wellness Kliniek will discuss the differences between lipofilling breasts and breast augmentation with implants, so you can make an informed choice.

Lipofilling breasts before and after photos

Lipofilling full body: discover the possibilities

A lot is possible with lipofilling! So feel free to ask for tailored advice. The specialists at Wellness Kliniek will be happy to advise you. Have you had treatment elsewhere and did your lipofilling fail? Then you can also come to Wellness Kliniek for a second opinion.

Frequently asked questions about lipofilling

Am I a suitable candidate for lipofilling?

You are a suitable candidate if you have enough fat somewhere on your body to fill the desired area. You often have fat left over somewhere, for example on the hips or abdomen. Women often have more usable fat than men. It is best to always seek personal advice from a doctor at Wellness Kliniek first.

How much fat is needed for lipofilling?

How much fat needs to be harvested for lipofilling depends on the volume needed to achieve the desired result. 1000 cc of harvested fat, yields about 500 cc of pure, intact fat cells. Keep in mind that only 70% of these purified fat cells take hold after transplantation. A volume increase of 350cc therefore requires 1000cc of liposuction fat. The doctor at Wellness Kliniek will calculate the lipofilling volume and inform you how much fat is needed and where it can best be harvested.

How much fat needed for lipofilling breasts or buttocks?

For lipofilling your breasts or buttocks, you will need around 200cc to 250cc of purified fat per breast or buttock, while for facial contouring you will end up with less than half. Lipofilling is bespoke. Before you tie the knot to undergo lipofilling, you will receive extensive advice at Wellness Kliniek and the doctor will calculate how much fat you need for breasts or buttocks. 1200 cc of liposuction fat usually yields 400 cc of permanent, permanent fat cells, which amounts to 200 cc per breast or buttock.

Life rules after lipofilling?

Depending on the area treated, it is best to take some rest. Recovery is different for each person and procedure. We will inform you in advance about the living rules and what to expect from lipofilling recovery in the chosen area. The doctor will inform you about the living rules after lipofilling. This way, you know what to expect and can promote speedy recovery.

Is lipofilling permanent?

Yes, lipofilling is permanent, but beware! You will only see the actual result after several weeks or months. Immediately after treatment, you will see a big increase in volume. However, it is important to realise that in the weeks following treatment, swelling and fat volume will decrease. Take this volume reduction into account. The swelling subsides and not all fat cells take effect. On average, about 70% of the purified fat cells remain. These remain in your body and are thus permanent or permanent.

How long does lipofilling stay in place?

Transplanted fat cells remain in place where they are ingrown for life.
Fat cells can get bigger or smaller. As you get fatter, these cells also get bigger. If you lose weight, they become smaller. The number of fat cells does not change, because only until puberty does the body produce new fat cells.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lipofilling?

To maintain the results of lipofilling, it is best to keep your weight stable. This, in turn, is among the liposuction disadvantages; that you have to watch your weight. This can sometimes make opting for other techniques, such as implants or fillers, just a little more attractive. The advantages of lipofilling are also clear. It is a natural treatment using only the body's own substance. That makes the chances of rejection small. Moreover, you can immediately have fat removed in another place: win-win!

What is the best clinic for lipofilling Belgium?

We advise you to compare clinics based on experience, quality and reviews. Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 quality assurance. We are proud of our positive patient experiences, for which we have won the WhatClinic Award several times. With over 25 years of existence, you can count on us! You can come to us for lipofilling Belgium (Genk) and lipofilling Spain (Barcelona), as we have two branches.

What does lipofilling cost per zone?

Wellness Kliniek has a transparent price list. You can find all prices online, so you know where you stand. We apply all-inclusive lipofilling prices, with the appropriate precaution, treatment, aftercare, bandages and/or compression garments as well as VAT. The lipofilling costs differ per zone. See for example the BBL prices, the lipofilling breasts price or the lipofilling face costs. For the face, you can also opt for hyaluronic acid fillers as an alternative. Check out the fillers costs here.

Optionally, you can set up a piggy bank with us. You will then receive a call as soon as you have the lipofilling price together. You can also possibly apply for an external credit (loan) for plastic surgery such as lipofilling. See our page on financing for that.

Lipofilling Belgium? Next Day Surgery!

Wellness Kliniek has years of experience with lipo treatments. Thousands of people have gone before you. The Clinic has an international clientele and has therefore set up the Next Day Surgery Service for lipo procedures, whereby consultation and surgery take place on two consecutive days. This allows patients to save travel time and travel costs. The Next Day Surgery service is optional and 100% free of charge. The Wellness Kliniek has branches in Genk, Belgium and Barcelona, Spain.

Lipofilling advice? No-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek!

Choosing lipofilling is not something you make lightly, of course. You want to know whether this procedure is suitable for you. After all, you do need to have enough fat. At Wellness Kliniek, you get comprehensive advice, tailored to your body and wishes. Book a consultation. We are at your service.

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