• Lipostructure of the face for 2154 EUR

    Treatment of fine line & wrinkles.
    This price is inclusive of VAT.

  • Lip augmentation with lipofilling for 1700 EUR

    Enhancing the lips using your own fat for fuller lips.
    This price includes VAT.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift for 3005 EUR

    Buttock augmentation with own fat.
    This price is inclusive of VAT.

  • Natural breast enlargement now only 3750 EUR

    Breast enhancement using lipofilling now for 3750 euro VAT inclusive. This special offer is valid until: 12/07/2020

Lipofilling - Lipotransfer - Lipostructure


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Lipofilling - lipotransfer - lipostructure - fat transfer: transplantation of one's own fat

Lipofilling, lipostructure or fat transplantation is used particularly on the face to fill deep dents in the body. Lipo (fat) filling is used on areas where there is little tissue movement, because movement could have caused the fat to break down sooner.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. After your treatment you sleep for a while at the Wellness Kliniek. You can return home or to your hotel the same day / evening.


Your own body fat is soft and therefore can always be moulded into the desired form

With lipofilling (=lipo-transfer) fat is taken from the patient's own body and used to fill wrinkles, folds and dents elsewhere on the body. Fat transfer is also applied to correct the shape of the buttocks for example, the cheekbone, to correct hollow or sunken cheeks, to correct scars and any unevenness and to make the back of the hands look more beautiful.

Lipofilling can help fight the aging process. Wrinkles and slack skin are a natural result of aging. The amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases over time and the skin gets thinner. Fat transplantation using your own fat can help to combat this age-related phenomenon. 


We are specialists in lipostructure treatment. We use lipostructure to give more volume to certain areas of the body and face. Usually fat is removed from the hips (love handles) or the stomach. We can remove up to 1500 cc - 1.5 litres of pure fat and transplant it in the desired area.

The modern lipostructure technique and specialist instruments were developed by the American doctor Sydney Reese Coleman, MD. The treament (which is also called the Coleman Lipofilling) demands a higher level of expertise and requires more time to perform than a simple lipofilling.

Lipofilling - Lipostructure: Frequently asked questions

  • Which areas are suitable for lipofilling?
    The areas which we deem suitable, given our considerable experience are: Buttocks, Calves and ankles, Face, Hands, Body. Sometimes the lips can also be treated with lipostructure.
  • Lipofilling and lipostructure: what is the difference?
    Lipofilling is a faster but far less effective method than lipostrucure. With lipofilling fat is first harvested from the stomach, hips or thighs and then transplanted directly to the area being treated. Given that the harvested material is not 100% fat, part of it is also broken down so several treatments are often necessary. With lipostructure the fat is harvested in the same way but specially treated and then transplanted after being purified. With lipostructure living fat cells are transplanted completely intact. The results from lipostructure are therefore more accurate and permanent.

Your treatment at the Wellness Kliniek

Lipostructure takes place under local anaesthesia and treatment takes about one to two hours, depending on the area to be treated. Both the donor and recipient zones are treated with an anaesthetic (liquid form) that also prevents bleeding.

Harvesting the fat
The fat is suctioned (out) with a small tube that is specially designed for this purpose, connected to a vacuum pump. The physician makes one or more small incisions in the skin at the donor area for this purpose. This technique ensures the least possible damage occurs to the harvested fat cells. This is an important factor in the final result. The abdomen or hips, (or inner thighs) are usually selected as the donor area. Large volumes are harvested by liposculpture - liposuction. The excess fat can be used as a filler. 

Spinning and purifying
The physician spins the harvested fat in a centrifuge then filters it. After that, the purified fat is drawn up into several small sterile syringes.

The physician punctures one or more small holes through the skin in the area to be filled. The fat is then injected carefully in very small amounts; laid down in dozens of very thin columns of grafts along tunnels under the skin. In this way the transplanted fat cells maintain maximum contact with all the surrounding tissue, such as the skin, muscles and cartilage. The surrounding tissues supply the transplanted fat cells with adequate oxygen and nutrients for optimal growth.

Immediate results
The results are immediately visible. About 25% more fat is usually transferred than is necessary, depending on the mobility of the recipient zone. This means the physician harvests and injects about a quarter more than required for the final result. This is necessary because it has been found that about a quarter of the transplanted cells will not take, causing the post treatment volume to shrink.

The area is usually swollen after the treatment and sometimes bruised, a cold pack, i.e. a bag filled with ice can be soothing. The swelling and bluish  colour gradually clears up a few days after the treatment. With a reasonable skin concealing cream product, you can disguise any skin discoloration, allowing you to resume your social life more quickly.

A medical check-up will be scheduled for after your treatment. The final results will only be noticeable after 3 months. If needed, a repeat treatment can be discussed and planned.

End result
Once the transplanted fat cells have grown and fully settled into place, they will behave just like all the other fat cells in your body. This means they will swell in volume if you gain weight and shrink if you lose it again.

Risks - Complications - Side-effects

In general this treatment doesn't usually give rise to any complications. The fat is the body's own and is thus 100% biocompatible, eliminating the need for hypersensitivity testing. A haematoma could delay the recovery process. Post treatment infection can be treated with a course of antibiotics. Sometimes the fat doesn't grow uniformly on both sides, causing lack of symmetry. Usually this can easily be corrected with a second treatment.

Lipofilling - lipostructure - lipotransfer: make a reservation for your consultation

Lipofilling, lipostructure, fat transplantation? Which treatment shall I choose?

During your no-obligation consultation everything to do with the treatment will be discussed, which method is best for you, what results you can expect, any possible risks and aftercare. During this consultation the doctor will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for lipofilling or fat transplantation. The doctor will assess and advise you on which treatment is most suitable for you to meet your expectations.

To make an appointment it is best to contact us by phone.

 We try to keep our waiting times as short as possible. We can usually see you for this treatment within 4 weeks.

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