Let Wellness Kliniek come to you

e-Consultations are one-on-one consultations with a doctor from the comfort of your own home. This way, you do not have to travel to the Wellness Kliniek for a first appointment.

During this consultation, the doctor analyzes your health and determines whether you are eligible for the desired procedure. If this is the case, you will be contacted after the e-consultation to book a Next-Day-Surgery, or - if necessary - a "live" consultation at the Wellness Kliniek.

How to book an e-Consult?

Call us or book your e-consultation online. You will receive a link from us to make the payment for your e-consultation and to confirm the appointment.

When the payment is in order, you will receive another link with login details for the agreed time.

Book online


The price of an e-Consult is currently € 30 (when booked and paid online). A free follow-up consultation as with a "live" consultation is NOT valid here.

If you still want or need to book a "live" consultation at the clinic after an e-Consult, this consultation will be charged. Any additional consultations in the Wellness Kliniek (not online) are free of charge.

e-Consultations are NOT the same as normal consultations

Important: An e-consultation never replaces a “real” consultation (in the Wellness Kliniek). A doctor can only give a final agreement for the treatment after he/she has been able to feel and examine your skin, fat and muscle tissue. In exceptional cases, this may change the initial opinion.