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Hair implants - Hair Implantation
When should I start?


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Hair implantation in Belgium: Hair transplantation (also called hair implantation): Hair implants: implants of your own hair: which is the best method? How do I choose the best clinic? Our hair transplantation and Clinic Information pages provide you with comprehensive information about all aspects of your treament.

Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to be well-informed about the possible treatment, cost, quality guarantee, risks and side-effects as well as the expected results. 

Treatment for baldness

There are now more solutions than ever for anyone experiencing hair loss:

  • Galeatomy: prevents further hair loss and can help to maintain healthy hair growth.
  • Hair implantation: a new head of hair, and a permanent result.
  • Medication: available as pills (finasteride) and liquid form for external use (minoxidil). For it to continue being effective you need to use the medication for the rest of your life.
  • Creams, lotions, sprays and powders: applied to the bald scalp, help to camouflage as long as there is still some hair left. The problem itself, hair loss, is not treated.
  • Hair pieces: a non-surgical solution whereby the bald parts of the scalp are covered. there are a number of techniques for attaching hair pieces. The most common are: a special kind of glue, braiding or clips.  
Hair implantation - before Hair implantation - after

Hair implantation

Hair implants: Hair implants of the patient's own hair.

Hair implantation of your own hair gives a beautiful, natural looking and permanent result.

Redistribution of your own hair using the microsurgical method: the hair implants are harvested from the back of the patient's head.

Hair implantation: Redistribution of one's own hair

Anyone suffering from permanent hair loss is suitable for hair implantation using their own hair:

  • Men and women with partial baldness.
  • Men and women who want to restore the shape of their hairline or change it. 
  • People with scars, from wounds or skin diseases.
  • Post-operative or medical treatment.
  • People who want to restore their eyebrows, eyelashes or beard, or make them fuller.
  • Men and women who wish to increase hair growth in places where they have little or no hair. 

When should I start treatment?

We advise you to begin treatment for hair loss as soon as you discover the problem. Hair implantation is possible from the age of 20.

With hair transplantation we usually advise a galeatomy as well. A galeatomy stops further hair loss. There is not much point in having hair implantation if the remaining hair continues to fall out. A galeatomy slows down and prevents further hair loss in the future.

Sometimes we prescribe treatment with finasteride and minoxidil. In men this can help preserve or partially reverse thinning hair at the top of the crown and the top of the head.

Hair transplantation can be used to fill in the front hairline and thicken the front half of the scalp. Scalp extension surgery gives the best results for hair loss of the crown and on the back of the head.

A Galeatomy and medication can be used to preserve any remaining hair and to possibly enhance the long-term results of hair restoration surgery.

A galeatomy and medication can help preserve any remaining hair thus improving the long term results of hair implantation surgery.

Hair implantation: Am I a suitable candidate for hair implantation of my own hair?

The hair surgeon determines whether a patient is a good candidate for hair transplantation.

The following criteria are among those assessed in the consultation: 

  • The patient’s general state of health; the hair’s texture—fine or thick;
  • The contrast between the patient’s hair colour and skin colour;
  • The density of the hairs;
  • The number of hair follicles per square cm of the hair in the donor area;
  • The size of the area to be covered;
  • The size of the area of donor hair; whether or not previous grafting procedures have been done;
  • The patient’s expectations. 

Making an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation requires an examination by an experienced hair surgeon (not by a commercial employee). An open discussion between the patient and the doctor is very important.

The patient must understand that transplantation redistributes existing hair follicles and cannot create any new hair follicles.

At the Wellness Kliniek we give you:

  • Our sincere and honest opinion
  • A realistic estimat of the total cost of the planned treatment(s)
  • Detailed information about the expected result

Hair implantation: Are the results permanent?


The hair surgeon transplants hair from a place where it grows well to the bald patch.

The lifespan and quality of the transplanted hair remains identical to that of the donor area.

Hair implantation: Is 1 hair transplantation - hair implantation session sufficient?

As a rule 90% of the transplanted hairs take successfully. Using micro-grafting a maximum of 1500 grafts (about 4500 hairs) can be transplanted in a single sesson. Depending on the degree of baldness the density is usually insufficient. In a second session hair follicles can be harvested again and transplanted to give a fuller, denser head of hair.

Surgeons around the world agree that it is virtually impossible to transplant more than 1500 grafts ( 4500 hairs) in a single session.

Hair implantation: your appointment

Hair specialists at the Wellness Kliniek compile a personal plan for you which meets your specific needs, ensuring the most beautiful and permanent results.

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It is not always convenient for patients who need to travel a considerable distance to reach us, to wait a number of weeks for hair restoration treatment, after their consultation with the doctor, as they need to travel back and forth again.

This is why we offer a unique service: Next-Day-Surgery, your consultation and treatment on consecutive days.

The reservation fee is deducted from the total cost of your treatment.

If you are considering having hair transplantation - hair implantation surgery it is important that you choose a good hair clinic and doctor.

Make a well-informed and considered choice.
Read more about Quality care at the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium. 

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