Vagina: Scar revision


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During childbirth the vagina may need to be be cut (an episiotomy) or it may tear. Scarring forms when the lower edge of the vagina is cut or if it tears as a result of childbirth. Often the scar remains painful and prevents sexual intercourse. The vagina and labia can also be damaged by trauma. Plastic surgery can offer a solution.

Scar revision of the vagina and labia is a very popular surgical procedure.

Vagina: scar revision

A number of deformities of the labia, hymen or vagina can be helped with plastic surgery. This type of surgery can be performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

  • After childbirth:

Ladies are often left with painful scarring following childbirth: mostly from an episiotomy or tearing during childbirth. However the labia can also be damaged. Revision of painful scarring is one of the most common genital surgical procedures.

  • As a result of trauma:

Scarring of the genital area can also be caused by an accident (trauma). Surgical revision can offer a solution. This treatment is also suitable for purely aesthetic reasons. It is important that you feel good about yourself. Every women has the right to self-confidence during sexual intercourse.

These problems are both individual and unique and need to be assessed on this basis by the gynaecologist or the surgeon.
Reconstructive procedures may require the use of complicated skin grafts or flap designs in order to compensate for tissue loss through religious mutilation or inadvertent surgery performed in the past.

Scar hypertrophy, which can cause severe pain during intercourse, can usually be improved by plastic surgical revision of the scar tissue. For recent scars, repeated steroid injections may offer a solution.
Keloid scarring may require revision surgery accompanied by radiotherapy treatment in order to relieve the problem.

Our doctors - specialists will advise you on the treatment best suited to your individual needs. Most patients are very happy indeed following vaginal scar revision surgery. They benefit from aesthetic improvement, experience considerably less pain or none at all. Their quality of life is improved significantly.

In our kliniek plastic cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery is combined with specialist gynaecology: our surgical specialists work in a multidisciplinary team.

Do you experience pain after giving birth? A surgical revision could be the solution. Painful vaginal scarring can usually be corrected very easily. Other scarring of the vagina and labia can also be treated. 

Vaginal - scar revision; your appointment for a consultation

Genital surgery - correction of deformities of the vagina and labia or revision of painful scarring following childbirth- can vary from one person to another. A comprehensive pre-examination is therefore essential. During the consultation with one of our doctors you can discuss all your questions and wishes. The consultation will reveal which treatment method is the most suitable for you and what exactly you can expect.

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Vagina: plastic and cosmetic surgery following childbirth.  Episiotomy, tears in the vagina can result in painful scarring. Cut o torn vagina: Pain following childbirth: what can I do? Scar revision: surgery and treatment to help with pain following childbirth. A painful scar can usually be corrected very easily.