• Next-Day-Surgery Service

    Plan & Book online

  • Ideal if you are travelling to Belgium from abroad

    Plan your consultation and operation on consecutive days.

  • Save on travel and hotel expenses

    You don't have to travel back and forth.

  • No waiting time between your consultation and surgery.

    Ideal when you live abroad or have little time.

  • You're in control

    You schedule the appointments that are most convenient for you

  • Arrange your online booking now

    The booking fee is deducted from the total amount.

  • No extra charges

    No extra costs Ė No booking fees

  • Safe Surgery

    Proud to be awarded EN 15224 Quality Certification

Fast Next-Day-Surgery Service

Ideal when you live far away

or just when you want to save time and money

For patients who travel from abroad, we offer a special "Next-Day-Surgery" service (NDS): your consultation and treatment on consecutive days.

Belgium is extremely well known for medical travel thanks to an attractive price/quality ratio.

Patients from all over the world have opted for our next-day-surgery programme for over twenty years. This service offers lots of advantages for patients that have a long way to travel. You save on extra travel expenses, time and absence from work. No annoying waiting time between the consultation and surgery.

You can schedule your visit to the Wellness Kliniek online using the Intelligent Wizard.

You receive detailed clinical information during the consultation before an operation. Your decision to have cosmetic surgery performed must be properly considered. Take at least 15 days to think about it before definitely deciding to go ahead with an aesthetic procedure. If you have any doubts during the consultation, postpone it. You will receive a full reimbursement of any deposit paid.

Save up to 50%

Benefit from our temporary special price offers.

Guarantee your treatment at an exceptional price.

Prices could increase, so guarantee your booking today!

  • Thanks to the Next-Day-Surgery service it is possible to benefit from temporary special price offers. Book your consultation and operation today. The Wellness Kliniek's schedule quickly fills up and the special price offers are only valid until 12/07/2020.
  • If you book (pay the deposit for) your Next-Day-Surgery appointment today, the price remains valid for two months.
  • So you can fix a date for a consultation and operation today, and still benefit from the special price for up to two months after the end date of the special offer.

No additional costs

  • No booking fees.
  • The booking fee is deducted from the total cost of your treatment.

Guarantee your treatment at an exceptional price. You can book the Next-Day-Surgery Service HERE online at no extra cost.

Plan & Book your Next-Day-Surgery appointment online

You can easily book your Next-Day Surgery treatment online.

  • Register your e-mail address in 'My Wellness Kliniek'.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Now you see a screen with different possible choices.
  • Select Next-Day-Surgery

The Intelligent Wizard ensures you are assigned the doctor-specialist with the most expertise related to your treatment.

  • Follow the steps.
  • In certain situations you may be asked additional questions. These questions ensure you end up with the doctor who can offer you the best treatment.
  • For certain procedures you can upload photos.
  • Now you see a screen with the question 'what is your preferred date?'
  • Search ‘as of date’ ... Here you can enter an ‘as of date’. Select a date and time that suits you.
  • You have selected the dates that suit you best for a consultation and operation.
  • You can book a private room and/or overnight stay.

Now complete your booking by paying the booking fee.

  • You can pay by credit card or Internet banking.
  • Booking fees are not additional costs: they make up part of the total amount.
  • The booking fee is later deducted from the total cost of your treatment.
  • You can pay the remaining amount due on the day of your procedure.

Your provisional booking is now complete. We are now able to compile your dossier and present it to your surgeon and anaesthetist.

Private room and/or overnight stay

Private room

If you want privacy during the day of your treatment, it is best to book a private room with en-suite bathroom.

Overnight stay

It is usually unnecessary for you to also book an expensive overnight stay in the Kliniek after a day treatment. However, you must spend the night following your treatment with a responsible adult. If you are bringing a companion it is best to book a hotel room for two persons close to the Kliniek.

Evaluation of your medical data

After you have made your reservation, your surgeon and anaesthetist will study your file.

Your surgeon will check with the anaesthetist whether you are a good candidate and whether we can meet your wishes and expectations. 

The anaesthetist will ask you to fill in the medical details accurately. If you are over 50 years of age, the anaesthetist wishes a blood test and ECG. You can easily ask your own general practitioner for these tests and then upload them.
Your surgeon might ask you to upload three clear photos: left profile, right profile and frontal view.

Both doctors will carefully analyse your medical data. Only then will we be able to tell you with certainty whether you qualify for the operation you desire.

Please wait for our written confirmation before booking a flight, train or hotel stay. We will send confirmation within 5 working days after receipt of your reservation payment.

Preparing at home

Once you have received confirmation from us you can already start preparing for the procedure.

  • Genk, in Belgium, occupies a central location in the Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany border triangle. There are five airports in the area within a maximum of one and a half hours’ drive. You can book an airport taxi online
  • Genk train station is a five-minute walk from the Kliniek. There are connections from Brussels every thirty minutes.
  • We can recommend several hotels in the area
  • Organise your work and social programme. It is also important that you are able to rest after your surgery.
  • Ask your partner or a friend to travel with you. It is important for your safety that someone stays with you the night following your treatment. The operation cannot be performed if you are not accompanied by an adult aged 18+.

Important! Read the guidelines on how to best prepare for the operation.

The consultation

You arrive for the intake consultation the day before the treatment.

It is important that you have properly considered all the advantages and disadvantages involved in a procedure before taking a decision. The condition of your health and the bond of trust between the doctor and the patient are also important. This is why you or your doctor only take the final decision after the consultation.

If, after the consultation at the Wellness Kliniek, you or your doctor decide not to allow the operation to go ahead, you will be reimbursed 100% of the Next-Day-Surgery booking fee.

The day of your treatment

If you have not booked an overnight stay with us you must bring a companion with you.

It is extremely important that you are accompanied by a responsible adult (minimum age 18) when you check in with us.

  • After the treatment you may not drive yourself or ride a bicycle. You may not use public transport straight afterwards either.
  • Spend the night following a day treatment with your partner or a friend.
  • Book a hotel room for two persons. 

During the intake consultation the doctor ran through the treatment agreement with you. Bring this document with you the day of your treatment.


Following your treatment you will be given special aftercare instructions and rules to follow once you get home. You are always welcome for an aftercare consultation.

  • All our aftercare is free.
  • Following your procedure we are accessible and available to you 24 hours a day.
  • We are there to support you day and night until you are fully recovered.

Stitches are usually dissolvable and do not need to be removed.

With some procedures you will need your bandages changed or a check-up after 5-14 days.

If you have a long way to travel we can refer you to a doctor - general practitioner - nurse close to home.

Returning home

Most people return home one or two days after the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns once you get home, you can contact us 24 hours a day.

  • The polyclinic is open Monday to Friday inclusive, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • If you have urgent questions or concerns, you can contact your treating surgeon on the mobile phone number he/she gives you after your procedure.
  • The Wellness Kliniek's general telephone number is answered 24 hours a day in cases of urgency.

We are there to support you until you are fully recovered.

Question and Answer

  • Do I need to pay a deposit to book an appointment for Next-Day-Surgery?
    Yes. We can only schedule your consultation and operation after we have received payment of your booking deposit. The booking fee is deducted from the total amount of the procedure. You can easily book online with 'My Wellness Kliniek'.
  • What is the best way for me to pay?
    Most people choose to pay the booking fee and remaining amount due online via 'My Wellness Kliniek'. This means you can rest assured everything is in order for the operation and you can arrive on the day of your surgery at ease.
  • Can I pay by bank card at the Wellness Kliniek?
    You can pay at the desk by Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. Please note! A payment by bank card is sometimes refused. Your procedure can only be performed once all the costs have been paid. Therefore, bring a cash reserve with you or pay for your procedure in full online.
  • Can I also pay cash?
    Yes. Please note! As a result of Belgian law, when you book, we can only accept 10% of the total amount of the procedure in cash, if the total cost of the procedure is greater than EUR 2,999 including VAT.
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    Yes. As soon as your deposit has been paid you can pay the rest in instalments. The operation can only be performed after the full amount has been paid.
  • Can I still take advantage of the special offer later on?
    Yes. You can book today by paying and selecting a date. The current special offer runs until 12/07/2020. The price remains valid for a further two months. You can select a date for a consultation and operation up to two months after 12/07/2020 and benefit from the special price.
  • What if no date is available?
    We cannot guarantee availability. Our schedule fills up quickly. If you want to take advantage of the special price offer running until 12/07/2020 book your Next-Day-Surgery appointment online today.
  • Do I need to organise my own transport?
    YES. The website provides you with lots of information for planning your trip and accommodation options, with links to flights/train tickets and hotels, etc.
  • How long do I need to stay in Belgium?
    The general advice to patients is to always stay in Belgium the day following the surgery and only go home after that. You may need to have a check-up the day after the operation.
  • Will I also receive aftercare?
    Yes. You are always welcome to come for a free aftercare consultation. You will be given clear aftercare instructions and if necessary, a referral to your general practitioner or nurse.
  • Can I get in touch with the doctor after the operation?
    Yes. After the operation you will be given the surgeon's mobile phone number, so that you can contact him/her directly in cases of urgency. The doctors at the Wellness Kliniek are there to support you 24/7, until you are fully recovered.
  • How should I prepare for my trip to the Wellness Kliniek?
    • You have made your booking and received confirmation from us.
    • You have booked the tickets for the trip.
    • You have received confirmation of your hotel booking.
    • Passport - visa if necessary.
    • Credit card or cash 
    • You have arranged a companion: someone is accompanying you.
  • What if my NDS operation does not go ahead?
    Doctors reserve the right not to allow an operation to go ahead. If your doctor, surgeon or anaesthetist decides not to perform the surgery because your health does not allow it, you will be reimbursed 100% of the costs of the operation. Additional and/or personal costs incurred, such as preliminary medical tests, travel and accommodation expenses etc. are borne by the patient.
  • Can I cancel or change my NDS appointment?
    Your procedure has been scheduled in our operating lists and the doctors and staff have already prepared your dossier. This involves costs. Booking fees are non-refundable. You can change your appointment once - up to one week prior to the consultation - with no additional charge. To do so contact the appointments desk by telephone.
  • Should I bring my EHIC care card with me?
    Yes. When you are travelling abroad it is always wise to carry the European health insurance card (EHIC) on your person. Your European health insurance card specifies your Citizen Service (Social Security) Number. You cannot use the EHIC for aesthetic treatments but you can do so if you are unexpectedly admitted to hospital. Presentation of the European health insurance card assures doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and other care providers abroad that their bills will be paid by your health insurer.

Experiences of our patients

Belgium: TOP destination for plastic surgery in Europe - quality certified private clinic

All plastic surgeons and dentists are experts in their cosmetic field and are fully government registered in their medical specialty. Wellness Kliniek Belgium stands for safe surgery. The Wellness Kliniek has 4 operating rooms, recovery department, accommodation facility, 25 beds, 10 private rooms with bathroom.

Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.

All inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad. All prices on one site - Save money - No hidden costs - Compare prices for plastic surgery in the UK (London) and Belgium and book your Next-Day-Surgery appointment at the Wellness Kliniek.