• Dental bleaching for 450 EUR

    6 treatments in 1 session.
    This special offer is valid until: 30/06/2018

  • Dental implants starting at 680 EUR

    A solid, stable solution that lasts a lifetime.
    This special offer is valid until: 30/06/2018

Dentistry: prices - cost - rates

Prices for Cosmetic aesthetic dentistry in Belgium: Cost for more beautiful teeth. New Teeth, Composite Veneers or Porcelain Veneers (Facings), Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges or even a complete new set of teeth, dental bleaching. Aesthetic cosmetic dentistry with EN 15224 Quality Guarantee. Aesthetic dentistry remain exempt from VAT.

The Wellness Kliniek's philosophy is simple: to offer the best products and services at the best prices. We want to make cosmetic dental treatment available to a larger part of the population. We can offer treatment at extremely competitive prices because of our high volume of patients.

Patients who travel a considerable distance to reach us can reserve our Next-Day-Surgery service

Special offers! Save on our usual rates!

Temporary price offers: Please make your reservation before 30/06/2018. Rates do not include any VAT.
450 EUR
550 EUR
Dental Bleaching
680 EUR
850 EUR
1 dental implant (single)
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100 EUR
Initial consultation
99 EUR
First consultation + OPG + oral examination
125 EUR
First consultation + OPG + oral examination + prints and treatment plan
99 EUR
Annual Follow-up + OPG + oral examination
120 EUR
CBCT - 3D tomography scan

Dental Bleaching

450 EUR
Dental Bleaching

Crowns – False teeth

590 EUR
1 Crown porcelain fused to metal: White gold alloy 50%
750 EUR
1 Crown procera zirconia porcelain: Metal-free laminate


699 EUR
Dentures complete upper jaw
699 EUR
Dentures complete lower jaw


680 EUR
1 dental implant (single)
1250 EUR
2 dental Implants
2400 EUR
4 dental Implants
950 EUR
1 Crown on implant

Removable bridge

2700 EUR
Lower jaw attached to 2 implants
4500 EUR
Upper jaw attached to 4 implants

All-on- 4 ®

10500 EUR
All-on- 4 per arch
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Belgium: TOP destination for plastic surgery in Europe - EN 15224 quality certified clinic

All plastic surgeons and dentists are experts in their cosmetic field and are fully government registered in their medical specialty. Wellness Kliniek Belgium stands for safe surgery. The hospital disposes of cabinets for aesthetic dental treatments, operating theatre rooms equipped with high-tech equipment for surgery, recovery care and private patient rooms.

Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.