• Gastric bypass for 8250 EUR

    In a safe way to a healthy weight.
    This price is inclusive of VAT.

Prices for obesity surgery:
stomach reduction / stomach bypass / gastric bypass

The following is included in the cost of the treatment: the operation, the surgeon’s fee, the anaesthetist’s fee, the admission, your stay and all post operative care at the Wellness Kliniek.

Read more about obesity surgery at the Wellness Kliniek (Belgium).

The stomach reduction comfort package includes:

  • Includes a 5 night stay in the Luxury Carbon Hotel for the accompanying adult.
  • Includes a 3 night stay (in the same room) in the Luxury Carbon Hotel for the patient.
  • Includes an extensive buffet breakfast for the accompanying adult.
  • Includes suitable meals for the patient.
  • Includes a visit by the surgeon – nurse to the hotel.

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Temporary price offers: Please make your reservation before 31/05/2020. Rates do not include any VAT.
Stomach reduction: Fobi Gastric Bypass 8250 EUR 8250 EUR
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Intake consultation 100 EUR
Consultation booked online 50 EUR
Stomach reduction: Fobi Gastric Bypass 8250 EUR
Stomach reduction: Comfort Package 9350 EUR
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