What is the difference between normal lip filler treatment and the Russian lip filler method?

What is the difference between normal lip filler treatment and the Russian lip filler method?

Lip fillers have been very popular for many years. There are different techniques for filling lips with fillers. The Russian lip filler method seems to be a trend. But how new is this technique really?

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Fuller lips through lip filler treatment

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and are injected into the lips in small amounts. With a filler, you can make your lips fuller. Hyaluronic acid is extremely safe as it occurs naturally in our body. This body substance is broken down slowly, so you can enjoy your full lips for a long time. The result lasts for 8 to 12 months.

Before treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied to your lips, so it does not hurt. The result is immediately visible. The first few days, it may be a bit swollen and you may have small bruises. After a few days, this will disappear and you can fully enjoy the result. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can have the filler dissolved.

What is the difference between normal lips and Russian lips?

In the case of this Russian lip filler treatment, not only your lips are filled with micro-injections, but also the lip line. This lip line is, in fact, the contour of your lips. By including this lip line in the filler treatment, the lip line curls a little more, giving you a Russian flat lip. Your lips remain relatively flat in shape with a clear definition of the lip line.

The result of this Russian lip filler technique (but also with any other lip filler treatment, for that matter) are beautiful, full and round lips. You will not get duck face lips.

Duck face lips are mainly caused by injecting too much filler.

Russian lips at Wellness Kliniek

This technique has been used at Wellness Kliniek for years now. One technique is not better or worse than another. Our doctors always strive for the best and the most beautiful result. All lips are different in shape, size and thickness. Which method suits you best depends on the desired result and the shape of your lips. By the way, not only your lips are considered, but also your whole face. For a natural result, the perfect lips preserve the balance of your face.

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