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What does breast enlargement with your own fat involve?

Breast enlargement with your own fat is also known as lipofilling. It is a natural breast enlargement that does not involve the use of implants. We are happy to explain exactly what this involves.

blog 01/03/2021 by Barbra

Lipofilling: the process

In a breast enlargement with your own fat, we inject your own fat into your breasts to enlarge them. The fat usually comes from the abdomen, legs or hips. After liposuction, the fat cells are purified. The damaged cells are removed so only the living cells remain. Then the fat cells are injected. This can increase the size of your breasts up to one size.

The advantages of natural breast enlargement

The result of a breast enlargement with your own fat is very natural. Your breasts will feel supple after the treatment. For women who have lost weight or have had children, it is also a perfect way to make their breasts firmer and fuller again. Lipofilling reshapes and subtly enlarges your breasts. Lipofilling is also a great way to rebalance breasts that are asymmetrical.

Because your breasts are enlarged with your body's own material, there is little risk of complications. Rejection or encapsulation does not occur with this treatment. The result is immediately visible.

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