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What can you do and not do after a breast enlargement?

Finally, the time has come. The breast enlargement is over and you can look forward to the result. But what can you do immediately after the operation? To speed up the final result, we would like to give you a few tips. This way, you will be able to enjoy your dream bosom as soon as possible.

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Immediately after a breast enlargement

After the breast enlargement operation, we wake you up gently. Under the watchful eye of the nurses, all bodily functions are checked and you are taken to your room. If you feel fit enough after the operation, you may go home. You may not drive a car yourself after a breast enlargement. Ask a friend or relative to drive you home.

You will need some time to recover. In the first days after surgery, your breast area may feel uncomfortable and swollen. When you leave our clinic, you will be given a prescription for medication. Please take all medications according to the guidelines mentioned on the prescription. This will help to prevent or reduce the unpleasant feeling. Make sure you take it easy during the first few days and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Try to avoid sudden body and arm movements above the shoulder. Keep moving by walking, cycling and light housework.

The results of a breast enlargement with implants and a breast enlargement with your own fat are to some extent visible immediately. After a breast enlargement with implants, it may seem that the implants are higher and your nipples lower in proportion. Your breasts need some time and will gradually change. The healing process is different for everyone and is also called the Drop & Fluff process. The final result is visible after a few months.

Aftercare and healing of a breast enlargement

Wear a sports bra

After a breast enlargement, it is important to properly distribute the pressure on the mammary gland and the prosthesis. Therefore, we advise against wearing a pre-shaped bra with underwire and you can obtain a special post-operative (sports) bra from us. But when can you wear a pre-shaped bra with underwire again? This depends on a number of things.

  • If we apply a compression bandage after the breast enlargement, you will not be able to wear the special bra immediately. The compression bandage is tightly wrapped around your breasts and prevents possible post-operative bleeding. It ensures a more beautiful end result. In this case, you will wear the bandage for 14 days. After the stitches and bandages have been removed, you wear the sports bra day and night for six weeks.
  • You may also have received a chest strap. You can wear this under or on top of the straps of the bra. The chest strap presses the prosthesis down and you will wear it for six weeks.
  • Sometimes, we will not apply a compression bandage and you will immediately wear a sports bra. The first eight weeks, you will keep this on day and night. You may remove the bra for washing.
  • The usefulness of the compression bandage and the special bra should not be underestimated. They contribute to the desired end result. After eight weeks, you may wear a pre-shaped bra with underwire again.

Showering after a breast enlargement

Body hygiene is very important, but make sure the wounds and bandages remain dry for a fortnight. Freshen up your body with a flannel twice a day. After three weeks, you can shower or take a bath again. Dry yourself thoroughly and put your sports bra back on immediately afterwards.

Doing sports after a breast enlargement

It is important to keep moving, but avoid strenuous exercise immediately after the operation. Walking, cycling and light housework are allowed. They even contribute to the blood circulation and recovery. It is important to always listen to your body.

Depending on your occupation, you can return to work after one to two weeks. After six to eight weeks, you can resume all activities, including sports. 

Scars and wound care

For a breast enlargement with prostheses (implants), we always use our own developed MIBIS technique. This means no overnight stay in our clinic is necessary and the operation takes only one hour. Another great advantage is the aesthetic result that leaves only a minimal, almost imperceptible scar. This technique uses self-dissolving sutures. As a result, you do not have to return to have them removed. After two to three weeks, you may cut off the externally visible pieces of thread and use moisturising cream or scar oil.

Sunbed after a breast enlargement

For a beautiful end result, you should protect your scars from UV rays. This applies to the sun, as well as to the solarium. Apply sunscreen (preferably factor 50) for the first 18 months or cover them with a plaster. 

Wellness Kliniek Support

After the operation, we always look at how we can speed up the desired end result. Together we will make sure you can enjoy your dream bosom as soon as possible. We remain available until you have fully recovered. The Wellness Kliniek offers 24/7 telephone support, including Sundays and holidays.

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