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No more headaches thanks to eyelid correction

Overhanging eyelids, a tired look, puffiness, wrinkles around the eyes or drooping eyebrows? These are often the first noticeable signs of ageing in the face. We would like to explain why and what you can do about it.

blog 16/02/2021 by Barbra

As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes weaker. The skin loses elasticity and can accumulate fat. This can cause the skin in front of your eyes to droop. This can cause a heavy feeling on your eyelashes. It can be aesthetically disturbing, but it can also reduce vision. To compensate, you raise your eyebrows all day long. What many people do not realise, is that this can cause headaches and tired eyes. 

Eyelid correction gives a rested and fresh look

Dreaming of a rested and fresh look? An eyelid correction can be the solution. Excess skin and fat are removed. It is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the face. The eyelid correction itself is a relatively small cosmetic procedure and fairly insignificant. The result is anything but. An eyelid correction has a great effect on your appearance.

The satisfaction of our patients after an eyelid correction is therefore very high. They often receive compliments. But the most important thing is that the additional complaints are gone. Headaches, tired eyes and poor vision are a thing of the past.

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