MIBIS technique for breast augmentation also available in Spain

MIBIS technique for breast augmentation also available in Spain

As one of the largest and leading plastic surgery clinics in Europe, we decided a long time ago that it was time to open a branch in Spain as well. In 2021, the time had come and Wellness Kliniek Barcelona opened its doors. The unique and safe MIBIS technique for breast augmentation is therefore also available in Spain. And this is not only convenient for patients looking for an address near the door, but also for patients from other countries who want to combine their breast augmentation with a holiday!

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Let's zoom in again on the benefits of the MIBIS technique. And do you want to have a breast augmentation done? We tell you about the options from Belgium vs Spain.

What is the MIBIS technique?

Anyone who has ever consulted us or enquired about breast augmentation with implants knows that we are big fans of our self-invented MIBIS technique. This involves injecting implants through a very small incision, so you don't have a scar later on. Whereas this technique was basically popular with photo models, film stars and other celebrities, we like to make it accessible to everyone through attractive prices. And by opening several Wellness Kliniek's, the technique is closer than ever.

What are the benefits of MIBIS technique?

The MIBIS technique, which stands for Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery, aims to minimise the incision in order to leave a small, almost invisible scar while minimising the operation time. This provides several advantages. From an aesthetic point of view, a small scar results in a more beautiful final result, while the procedure is faster and the risk of complications, such as infections, is lower. The shorter operation time also reduces the cost, making this innovation accessible to all.

Can I choose my own cup size at MIBIS?

In principle, yes, although the doctors at Wellness Kliniek advise on what will fit your body nicely. Even large-sized silicone breast implants can be inserted through an incision in the inframammary fold of up to 3.5 cm. The doctor at Wellness Kliniek specifically selects the type of breast implant that is strong, safe, elastic and fits the preferred cup size. This involves choosing breast implants that are ideally suited for deployment of the MIBIS technique. Using special instruments, developed and patented by Wellness Clinic, the silicone implants are then placed. This gives every woman the freedom to choose her desired cup size.

Is the MIBIS technique for breast augmentation new?

The MIBIS technique is still innovative, but certainly no longer new. At Wellness Kliniek Belgium, the technique has been used successfully for years, which is one of the reasons the clinic has earned its famous international reputation. Nowadays, the MIBIS technique is also used at some specialised clinics in the USA.

Wellness Kliniek, however, likes to make the technique accessible to as many ladies as possible. And that is precisely why, in addition to Belgium, we are now really proud to be able to offer MIBIS in Barcelona as well! So patients from the Mediterranean region don't have to travel as far! What is also unique about the MIBIS technique at Wellness Kliniek is that it is also very affordable. With us, you don't pay extra for this unique method, no, we have accessible breast augmentation prices, so everyone can get the bosom you dream of!

MIBIS breast augmentation in Belgium or Barcelona?

Want to get your own breast augmentation with the MIBIS technique? The doctors have already had the pleasure of helping many thousands of women get their dream breasts, and you could be next. Do you live closer to Belgium? You might still want to consider MIBIS breast augmentation in Barcelona. In fact, popular is the combination of breast augmentation and holidays. We'll tell you a bit more about that, so you can decide for yourself if this is something for you.

1. Start with a relaxing holiday

Why not explore Barcelona first, before you have to recover from the procedure later. Allow yourself that rest and relaxation before going under the knife. Because let's face it, Barcelona is a top destination, where you can soak up culture as well as lie on the beach. It is definitely worth considering! Are you not from Belgium and would instead like to discover the nearby Belgian capital Brussels; the city of modern architecture? Then that's the place to be for you.

2. Next Day Surgery Service

Our Next Day Surgery Service is a free service where consultation and treatment take place within 2 days. This means that you do not have to spend days in the destination country. For example, enjoy those free days first, and then schedule the consultation and surgery on consecutive days. Additional advantage of the MIBIS technique: you can normally fly again 2 days after the procedure! This is certainly not standard, as many other methods require you to wait 1 to 6 weeks before you can get back on a plane.

3. Remote consultation and aftercare

The consultation appointment does not necessarily have to take place at the clinic; it can also be done via e-consultation or teleconsultation. Prior to surgery, you will always undergo a physical examination and a consultation with both the surgeon and anaesthetist. Within a year after the breast augmentation, you are welcome to come to the clinic for a free follow-up, and if you wish, you can also consult your treating doctor via teleconsultation. Moreover, the stitches dissolve on their own!

4. Quality at both clinics equally good!

For the quality of care, it does not matter whether you choose Wellness Kliniek Genk or Wellness Kliniek Barcelona. You can expect top quality at both clinics. We offer the ISO 9001 quality label for excellent care and have already won several awards for excellent patient experience. You may still want to factor price into your choice, as the price of airfare or other forms of transport can vary. Occasionally, we also have promotions ready for you. Check out the current breast augmentation Spain prices and breast augmentation Belgium prices.

Enthusiastic about Wellness Kliniek and its renowned, safe and scar-free breast augmentation technique? Then feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Then you can always decide afterwards whether to have the procedure performed at Wellness Kliniek Belgium or Spain.

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