Measure cup size

How to determine the right cup size?

Breast augmentation is the most popular surgery among women worldwide. Women who choose breast augmentation feel more feminine and confident with their fuller and firmer breasts. Are you considering breast augmentation? Then it's important to gather as much information as possible. Not sure what new shape or size you want? During the first consultation, the doctor will review this with you. Would you like to get an idea of the result? Then be sure to read on!

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Measuring your own cup size

To determine the type and size of implant, we need to know the difference between your current and desired cup size. Depending on your own cup size, build, and desired result, the surgeon will work with you to determine the type of implant, volume, and, consequently, the number of cc that would be best for you. Breast augmentation also makes sure your silhouette is more balanced. It's not just about making your breasts bigger and firmer, but also about them being more in proportion to the rest of your body.

What is my cup size after breast augmentation?

During the first consultation, you will get a fitting so you can already estimate what the result will look like for you. You can also bring pictures of what you would like. Wondering what cup size you have? Or do you want to start at home and calculate your new cup size? Then have some cooked rice, two plastic bags, a measuring cup and a sports bra handy! Put the rice in the measuring cup. The number of grams of rice corresponds to the number of cc of implants. Exactly how many grams is a cup size? A bag of 200 grams of rice is comparable to an implant of 200 cc. Put the rice in the plastic bags and put them in your sports bra. This will give you an idea of the result and you can compare different cup sizes.

Still have doubts about which cup size suits you best? No problem at all! During the consultation, the surgeon will help you get a better idea, and you can ask any questions you may have.

Types of breast implants

Besides the number of cc, the type of implant also plays an important role. Just as there are different types of breasts, there are also different types of implants. At Wellness Kliniek, we only offer top quality breast implants. The most trusted implants on the market are Laboratoires Arion and Motiva. You and the surgeon will choose the desired implant, with no difference in cost.

  • Silicone breast implants: Modern cohesive silicone implants are extremely safe. The inside is a firm, silicone gel encased in a soft, but firm "shell". The implants cannot leak back into the body should they rupture. Silicone implants give a very attractive shape. They feel smooth and soft, almost like natural breast tissue.
  • Hydrogel breast implants: Hydrogel breast implants are also known as water gel implants. These implants consist of 3.7% carboxymethylcellulose and 96.3% physiological serum (water) and are 100% biodegradable. Should a leak occur, your body will naturally excrete the harmless liquid.
  • Saltwater breast implants: These breast implants are filled with a special saline solution (physiological serum) after insertion. This solution is also completely harmless and is naturally eliminated by the body in the event of any leaks.

Different shapes of implants

You can choose not only the type of implant, but also the different models such as round and drop-shaped. Drop-shaped implants are more often used in reconstructive breast augmentations after breast cancer, for example. Round implants are mainly used in aesthetic breast augmentations. These implants fill out the top of the breast more. However, the result is also highly dependent on the current shape and volume of the breasts.

The profile of the breast implants

The different profiles also play an important role. These can be extra high, high, medium or low. The profile is the distance of the implant from the breast wall. We determine this distance of the implants based on the desired result. Do you want more fullness at the top of the breast or just on the sides? Do you want moderate or striking cleavage? Based on the answers to these questions, we choose a particular profile together.

The placement of the implant

The placement of the implant also has an impact on the result. For example, the implant can be placed in front of the pectoral muscle, behind the pectoral muscle or dual plane.

  • In front of the pectoral muscle (subglandular): The implant is placed below the glandular tissue, but above the large pectoral muscle. This ensures the breast implant moves naturally with the breast. Recovery is also slightly smoother with this technique.
  • Behind the pectoral muscle (submuscular): The breast implant is placed below the large pectoral muscle. As a result, the implant will be covered by an extra layer of muscle. The chance of feeling or seeing the implant here is very low. Recovery is slightly less smooth compared to the subglandular method.
  • Dual plane: The dual plane method means the implant is placed partly under the large pectoral muscle and partly above it. The largest part of the prosthesis lies below the pectoral muscle. The lower and outer part of the implant lies only under the mammary gland.

Mainly the volume of the breast implants will determine how big your bosom will be. This volume can differ for everyone, depending on the desired result.

At Wellness Kliniek, we offer implants from 195 to 1050 cc. Depending on the amount of cc, your breasts will become one or more cup sizes larger. Aiming for a natural result? Then we recommend choosing a volume between 260 and 370 cc. A larger result is also possible. In that case, we recommend an implant of 500 cc.

Examples of the different cup sizes

For example, do you currently have a cup size A and would like to go up to a cup size B? Then it is best to choose a volume of 250 to 300 cc. If you would like to go bigger (cup size C-D), then you will rather choose a volume between 300 and 430 cc.

The surgeon cannot discuss an exact cup size with you but will give you an indication of the result. During the consultation, we will measure your entire body and discuss the different options.

Want to know more about determining the right volume? Book your consultation online now and receive a 50% discount on the consultation.