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Breast enlargement, the experience of C.C.

I came across the Wellness Kliniek via Instagram. I decided to have a breast enlargement done by Dr Damen and recommend it to everyone. I feel much more feminine, I have more self-confidence and I radiate it. It’s a liberating feeling!

Testimonial 16/02/2021 by C.C.

Complexes about my breasts

For several years, I had complexes about my breasts. As a young girl, I didn’t think much about it, but now it started to affect me mentally. The most important thing as a woman is to feel good about yourself. As a woman, you also have the right to feel sexy, no matter what people think. In 2020, I thought about this for a long time, and finally decided to take the plunge and make an appointment.

Via Instagram, I ended up at the Wellness Kliniek. This person had had a procedure done here and that's how I came across this site. After seeing her blog, I was completely convinced. It looked so natural! I immediately booked a consultation via the website. At that moment, all sorts of things went through my head. It was a feeling of enthusiasm, curiosity and anxiety all in one. I was also a bit apprehensive about the result. That maybe it would look too fake or that I wouldn't feel myself anymore. Or that I would have regrets after the operation. I shouldn’t have worried about any of it, however.

The first appointment at the Wellness Kliniek

During the first appointment at the Wellness Kliniek, I was very well received by the staff. They were very sweet and could sense that I was quite nervous. Dr Damen came to get me a bit later in the waiting room. We first discussed what I would like as a final result. I had brought a few photos with me and after a short conversation, I was allowed to try on the fits with a t-shirt on top. It was strange to suddenly feel that weight. I tried on a total of 3 shapes. They were between 200, 250 and 300 cc. In the end, I chose 300 cc on Dr Damen's advice. According to him, this was the maximum for achieving a natural result.

Dr Damen struck me as a very honest doctor. He told me what would be natural and what wouldn’t, what would suit my body type and what wouldn’t. I was very relieved that he was so honest! He also told me how I would feel after the operation, both physically and mentally. That it would be quite a change to suddenly have different breasts. I was very excited and couldn’t wait until the time was right. I was ready for a new look and a new start! So the date was scheduled. The 13th of July 2020, exactly 8 weeks after this appointment.

The day of the breast enlargement

I was very nervous and excited, but I was ready. As soon as I put on the bathrobe, it felt real. My nurse Hilde was super-sweet. She confirmed that I had chosen the right size for my height and reassured me. After a few hours, they came to get me and the moment had come. The operating theatre looked good and everything was ready for my operation. The anaesthetist introduced himself and made me laugh with a joke. Because everyone was so nice, my nerves gradually disappeared. After a few seconds, the anaesthetic started to take effect and I fell asleep. I remember that I was really ready for a new start.

When I woke up, everything was a bit hazy for the first few seconds. I felt cold, started shivering and only then did I feel the pain. It was as if a truck had run over me. I had never felt that kind of pain before. I felt my bandage and it was strange to suddenly have a “hill”. The nurse gave me a blanket and said I could go back to my room after 30 minutes. Now I just had to hang on and wait for my body to warm up again. As soon as I was in my room, I could recover and was given something to eat and drink. This was really good, as I had been nil by mouth since the day before. The nurses told me how I would feel, how I should take the medication and that I shouldn't force myself. I was ready to go home.

The healing process of the breast enlargement

The first days after the operation, I was in a lot of pain. Sleeping and eating were difficult. But I kept thinking about the end result and had to push on. Two weeks later, everything felt much better and the bandages were removed. I still had some pain in my right breast, but the clinic and my GP told me that this was perfectly normal.

It was all worth it

I feel much more feminine. The negative thoughts I had before the breast enlargement are gone. That’s a liberating feeling. I have much more self-confidence and I radiate it. My body is more in proportion, I now have the courage to wear different clothes and I’m not ashamed anymore.

I recommend it to all women, especially those who have complexes about it. I’ve already recommended Dr Damen to several people. I would like to give you some tips:

  • Keep the bandage on for at least two weeks.
  • Take painkillers preventively.
  • Rest as much as possible, there’s no point in forcing yourself.

A breast enlargement is worth it all and you won’t regret it!


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