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Breast enlargement, the experience of Amandine

An acquaintance introduced me to the Wellness Kliniek. I joined several groups on Facebook and became very interested in a breast enlargement. After my first consultation, I was convinced. I can't wait to share the rest and the new "me" with you in this blog.

Testimonial 18/06/2021 by Amandine

The Facebook groups really helped me

Hello everyone, my name is Amandine, I’m 22 years old and a young mother of a beautiful boy.

I would like to share with you my experience about my breast enlargement at the Wellness Kliniek. When I was 15-16 years old, before I had a child, an acquaintance told me about the Wellness Kliniek. She had undergone an operation there. From that moment, I became interested in this clinic and joined the different groups about the Wellness Kliniek on Facebook. I learned a lot through these groups, such as the different types of prostheses, the operation, the volume of the implants, their lifespan, the laboratories that manufacture them, the post-operation, etc.

The Facebook groups really helped me. Thanks to all the testimonials and photos, I could somehow get to know the surgeons and their wonderful work and methods, without having met them. I waited until I had enough information and knowledge on the subject before I went for my first consultation.

Over the years, I fell in love with certain surgeons: Dr Damen, Dr Taraquois and Dr Parys. In the end, my choice fell on Dr Taraquois because in my opinion, he understood best what I wanted in terms of volume.

My first consultation at the Wellness Kliniek

During my first consultation, I was very stressed because I knew exactly what I wanted (500 cc XXP profile in Arion) and I was afraid that this wouldn’t be possible for my build (I'm 1m64 and weigh 55 kg). When I arrived, I found the clinic very beautiful and the staff very welcoming. There was only one patient before me, so I was helped quite quickly.

first consultation at wellness kliniek patient amandine

Doctor Taraquois was very friendly and understood my request completely. He was patient and took the time to answer all my questions. He reassured me, but reminded me that it was still a big volume and it might not be very natural for the first year. He told me that I would have to be patient for the final result. In short, it was a very positive consultation for me, we agreed on the 500 cc and we scheduled my operation two weeks later.

If I can give you one piece of advice, it is that before your consultation, you should inform yourself well about the subject and make a list of all the questions you have. Take the time to understand the cc's etc. This way, you’ll know what to ask during the consultation. It will also ensure that you can have a good communication with the surgeon so you’re not disappointed with the result after your surgery.

The day of the breast enlargement 

The big day finally arrived! I was quite stressed, but when I arrived, the staff was immediately welcoming and friendly. They immediately put me at ease. We started with a photo shoot in the clinic’s studio. Then we took photos all over the clinic. It was great fun and made me feel a bit less stressed before the operation. Moreover, Nathalie, the photographer, was very nice and very professional.

When the payment was done and the photo shoot was over, I waited in the waiting room, but not for long. A nurse then came to collect me and escorted me to my room. It was a very nice room with a large bathroom. Then I waited for a while, after which another nurse came to explain everything I needed to know for the post-operative procedure. We also checked the documents together.

day of the breast enlargement at wellness kliniek patient amandine

The nurse came to get me and took me to the operating theatre. From then on, everything went very quickly. The doctor asked me one last time if the size of the prostheses still suited me, but my choice had not changed. The anaesthetist next to me asked for my medical history. Meanwhile, the nurses inserted the drip and I fell asleep.

The healing process of the breast enlargement

In the recovery room, I heard someone say "Amandine, wake up" and the first thing I felt was pain in the middle of my chest. The nurse reacted immediately and put the right amount in my drip to relieve the pain. I could hardly keep my eyes open or move but a few minutes later, I was back in my room. A little later, the photographer came to see me and surprised me with a nice present. I was very happy with the gift! 

Some time later, one of the nurses brought me a soft drink and two small sandwiches, which I ate very slowly. After this, it was time for me to leave the clinic. The very professional staff and nurses escorted me to the car. The journey back went well, even though I was in some pain. I slept the whole way and didn’t get sick from the anaesthetic. I just had a bit of trouble talking, breathing and sitting up.

If I have to summarise the day when my dream came true, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the staff, the very fast treatment and the first-class reception. It was a very positive experience for me. I thank Stephanie and Nathalie the photographer for the welcome and gifts.

"If you have the chance to be a better version of yourself, go for it!"

The first days after the breast enlargement, I had some pain and I had to find the right sleeping position. But after a few days, the improvement started to become noticeable. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision, I had thought it through carefully.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be that if you have the chance to be a better version of yourself, go for it! I’m very satisfied with the result and the whole experience at the Wellness Kliniek.

See you soon.



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