• Filler for tear troughs now starting at 300 EUR

    Filling the tear troughs (area between the corner of the eye and the cheek) now temporarily costs 300 EUR VAT inclusive. Offer valid until 31/01/2020

  • Fuller lips now starting at 300 EUR

    Would you like fuller lips? Lip augmentation with injections starting at 300 EUR VAT inclusive.

  • Lifting drooping corners of the mouth starting at 400 EUR

  • Filler for both earlobes starting at 300 EUR

    Wrinkles, creases or scars are easy to treat with a filler. Ear rejuvenation with a filler starting at {special_price_price_filler_earlobes} EUR VAT inclusive.

  • Treatment of vertical lines around the mouth starting at 300 EUR

    Vertical lines around the mouth are the result of ageing and moving your lips. Treatment with a filler starting at {special_price_price_filler_vertical_lines} EUR VAT inclusive.

  • Nose correction with fillers starting at 300 EUR

    Nose correction with fillers is a safe way to alter the appearance of your nose and without the need for surgery VAT inclusive.

  • Get rid of bags under the eyes starting at 300 EUR

    Treatment with fillers of dark circles under the eyes or bags under the eyes starting from 300 EUR VAT inclusive.

Prices: injectables / fillers skin and wrinkles - lip fillers

Enjoy the most beautiful version of yourself! How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost? What is the price of facial fillers?

  • All prices on this page include 21% VAT.
  • The prices/rates of the treatment are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, injections and anaesthetic.

* Botox and Injectable fillers to combat wrinkles are medicines. General information about Botox (Allergan) and other medicines for treating wrinkles can be found on the website of the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products FAGG.


Consultation advice 50 EUR
Consultation booked online 25 EUR
Skin improvement | Advice 45 min. 90 EUR

Botulinum Toxin | Remove wrinkles

Botox | Bocouture | small area (e.g. bunny lines, wrinkles upperlip, corner of the mouth) 85 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | 1 area 170 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | 2 areas 290 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | 3 areas 370 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | neck, per treatment 250 EUR
Azzalure small area (eyebrow lift, DAO, chin) 75 EUR
Azzalure 1 area 120 EUR
Azzalure 2 areas 220 EUR
Azzalure 3 areas 300 EUR

Botulinum Toxin | Excessive perspiration

Azzalure | Hyperhidrosis | excessive perspiration: both armpits 425 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | Hyperhidrosis | excessive perspiration: both armpits 620 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | Hyperhidrosis | excessive perspiration: both feet 620 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | Hyperhidrosis | excessive perspiration: both hands 620 EUR

Botulinum Toxin | Muscle relaxation

Tension headache 300 EUR
Migraine 300 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | Gummy smile
100 EUR
Botox | Bocouture | Teeth grinding (Bruxism)
200 EUR

Lip injections

Fuller lips: Juvéderm Ultra Smile: 0.55 ml 300 EUR
Lip contour: Juvéderm Ultra Smile: 0.55 ml 300 EUR
Restylane | Juvéderm Lips: syringe 1 ml (lidocaine) 400 EUR
Lips | Lipofilling, per session 1700 EUR

Surgical corrections lips

Lip reduction, per lip 1755 EUR
Lifting upper lip: butterfly procedure 1513 EUR

Fillers skin | WrinKle fillers

Restylane | Juvéderm | Belotero: 1 ml 400 EUR
Restylane | Juvéderm | Belotero: 2ml 750 EUR
Restylane: 4 ml 1450 EUR
Radiesse: 0,3 cc 280 EUR
Radiesse: 0,8 cc 325 EUR
Radiesse: 1,5 cc 455 EUR
Filling tear troughs: 0.5 ml 300 EUR
Bags under the eyes: 0.5 ml 300 EUR
Shape of the nose: 0.5 ml 300 EUR
Both earlobes: 0.5 ml 300 EUR
Vertical lines around the mouth: 0.5 ml 300 EUR
Nose-lips fold0.5 ml 300 EUR
Drooping corners of the mouth: 1 ml 400 EUR
Jawline lift: 1 ml 400 EUR
Chin augmentation: 1 ml 400 EUR
Liquid facelift 3270 EUR
Liquid facelift + Botox 3760 EUR

Facial lipofilling

Lipostructure, Fine line & wrinkles, per session 2154 EUR
Lipostructure: Face - under sleep sedation 3630 EUR

Soft - Thread lift

Soft Feather Lift / Happy Lift: 2 threads 1209 EUR
Soft Feather Lift / Happy Lift: 4 threads 1452 EUR
Soft Feather Lift / Happy Lift: 6 threads 1803 EUR

PRP - Vampire face lift

Mini PRP Vampire facelift + Hyaluron (face) 950 EUR
Mini PRP Vampire facelift (face) 720 EUR
Maxi PRP treatment(face, neck and cleavage) 1209 EUR
Maxi PRP treatment + Hyaluron (face, neck and cleavage) 1468 EUR
Supplement PRP under sleep sedation 363 EUR

Dermaceutic Skin Care | Peeling

Milkpeel | Freshen up the skin | Face 125 EUR
TCA Peeling | Wrinkles, open pores, 12% and 15% | Face 150 EUR
Gold | Anti-aging package | 4 treatments | Face 500 EUR
Medical Peeling Forte Dermaceutic | Face 1000 EUR
Milkpeel | Hands and forearms 250 EUR
Milkpeel | Legs 300 EUR
Milkpeel | Body 550 EUR
Mela peel Dermaceutic | Pigmentation, melasma 195 EUR
Mela peel + TCA Dermaceutic | 12%-15% 250 EUR
Skin Booster Ellansé: 1 ml 450 EUR
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