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Injectables - Mesotherapy - Skinrejuvenation - Laser

Our prices / rates are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic, and all aftercare following the procedure. Rates do not include any VAT. 


50 EUR
Consultation advice
25 EUR
Consultation booked online

Botuline toxine

120 EUR
Azzalure 1 area
220 EUR
Azzalure 2 areas
300 EUR
Azzalure 3 areas
75 EUR
Azzalure small area (eyebrow lift, DAO, chin)
425 EUR
Azzalure excessive perspiration
170 EUR
Botox 1 area
290 EUR
Botox 2 areas
370 EUR
Botox 3 areas
85 EUR
Botox small area (e.g. bunny lines, wrinkles upperlip, corner of the mouth)
250 EUR
Botox neck, per treatment
620 EUR
Botox excessive perspiration (both armpits)

Injectables | Fillers: temporary fillers

325 EUR
Restylane Fynesse: 1 ml
325 EUR
Restylane Refyne: 1 ml
325 EUR
Restylane Kysse: 1ml
325 EUR
Restylane Defyne: 1ml
325 EUR
Restylane Volyme: 1ml
575 EUR
Restylane Volyme: 2ml
240 EUR
Radiesse®: 0,3 cc
255 EUR
Radiesse®: 0,8 cc
455 EUR
Radiesse®: 1,5 cc
285 EUR
Restylane Fine Lines®: 0.5 ml
350 EUR
Restylane Fine Lines®: 1 ml
955 EUR
Restylane Fine Lines®: 4 ml
400 EUR
Restylane Lips: syringe 1 ml (lidocaine)
955 EUR
Restylane Lips: 4 ml
1355 EUR
Restylane Lips: 6 ml

Soft - Thread lift

1490 EUR
Soft Feather Lift / Happy Lift: Eyebrows
1990 EUR
Soft Feather Lift / Happy Lift: Eyebrows & Cheekbones

PRP Treatments

785 EUR
Mini PRP Vampire facelift + Hyaluron (face)
595 EUR
Mini PRP Vampire facelift (face)
999 EUR
Maxi PRP treatment(face, neck and cleavage)
1250 EUR
Maxi PRP treatment + Hyaluron (face, neck and cleavage)
250 EUR
Supplement PRP under sleep sedation

1780 EUR
Lipostructure, Fine line & wrinkles, per session
3000 EUR
Lipostructure: Face - under sleep sedation

TCA Skin Peeling

265 EUR
TCA peeling around the eyes
265 EUR
TCA peeling upper lip
355 EUR
TCA peeling face
265 EUR
TCA peeling décolleté
490 EUR
TCA peeling face + neck + décolleté
410 EUR
TCA peeling forearms + hands

Glycolic Skin Peeling

190 EUR
Glycolic peel face + skin cleaning
190 EUR
Glycolic peel décolleté + skin cleaning
275 EUR
Glycolic peel face + neck + skin cleaning
390 EUR
Glycolic peel face + neck + décolleté + skin cleaning

360 EUR
Food intolerance blood test


230 EUR
Restylane® Skinbooster Vital Light: 1 ml
420 EUR
Restylane® Skinbooster Vital Light: 2 ml


1655 EUR
Dermabrasion upper lip
1795 EUR
Dermabrasion around the mouth
1655 EUR
Dermabrasion of the crow's feet


230 EUR
Mesotherapy: per flacon of 3 ml
230 EUR
Lipolyse: per flacon of 3 ml

Removal small skin lesions / tumours with radio surgery

100 EUR
Small treatment
210 EUR
1 area / region
155 EUR
Supplement each extra region

Couperose, spider veins removal, broken capillaries, red & brown spots

100 EUR
Small treatment : 2 minutes
225 EUR
1 area: max. 15 minutes
100 EUR
Supplement each extra region
155 EUR
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