Eyelid Correction / Eyebrow Lift Prices

We have deliberately made our pricing transparent. Please find below more information about the price of an eyelid surgery or eyebrow lift.

Consultation eyebrow lifting 60
Consultation eyebrow lifting - Booked online 30
Consultation Eyelid correction 60
Consultation Eyelid correction - Booked online 30
Eyebrow lift 3000
Lower eyelid correction 1750
Supplement: Hamra transposition 350
Upper and Lower eyelid correction 2450
Upper eyelid correction 1495
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All prices are valid till 31/12/2023. All prices are including VAT.

How much does eyelid surgery cost?

Have you been dreaming of an upgrade to your eyes for a while now? Want to be able to look yourself in the eye in the mirror again and be satisfied with what you see? Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) might just be the thing for you. To give you an idea of the costs involved, we have put together a transparent eyelid surgery pricing table. At Wellness Kliniek, we can advise you based on a personal consultation what procedure would be the best option for your eyes.

Eyelid surgery prices

Here at Wellness Kliniek, we are committed to affordable surgery, so that eyelid surgery becomes within reach for as many people as possible. This procedure is not one you always choose purely for aesthetic reasons, it can also be an option for practical reasons. If you suffer from heavy eyes, for example, and you often have to forcibly open them wide, or you feel pressure on your eyes and that is even giving you headaches, an investment in eyelid surgery is often a good solution.

Types of eyelid surgery

As you can see in the pricing table, the prices differ per type of eyelid surgery. Which one would be the best option for your face will be determined in consultation with the consulting doctor.

  • Upper eyelid surgery: upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat. The scar is made in an existing crease in the skin, meaning that it will barely be visible. This is a good option when eyelids feel heavy, the skin is loose and thick, or if your vision is impaired by drooping eyelids.
  • Lower eyelid surgery: in case of lower eyelid surgery, the incision is made just below the edge of the eyelashes, meaning that scars will be almost completely hidden from sight. This procedure is a good choice when you have thickened skin under your eyes or loose skin.
  • Combined lower and upper eyelid surgery: if both surgery below and above your eyes is required for the best result, we will discuss this option with you.
  • Hamra transposition: this procedure is a good solution to remove bags and dark circles under your eyes, which are caused by fat that has moved from below the eye to the area between the eye and your nose. This procedure returns the fat to its original position to remove bags and circles below the eyes.
  • Eyebrow lift: if your eyebrows have descended excessively, an eyebrow lift will in some cases be a better choice. This procedure is often combined with upper eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery for women and men

Both women and men have turned to us for eyelid surgery. Before we start the treatment, we take before pictures to really bring out the end result. Next, the surgeon will carefully mark where to correct the eyelids. The process can then start, whereby you will first be administered an anaesthetic that will also stop the bleeding.

After that, the surgeon can get started with the actual surgery. The surgeon will remove drooping skin, muscles, and fat, and reconstruct where necessary. The wounds are subsequently sutured with a fine thread and covered with bandage, or Tissucol (surgical glue). An icepack will be applied to cool the area and ease the pain.

You can go home immediately after the procedure, but it is important that you bring someone who can take you home and be with you over the first 24 hours after the surgery. If this is not possible in your case, you can book an overnight stay at Wellness Kliniek.

For more information about the procedure, check our general page about eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery result

After the eyelid surgery procedure, it will take around 2 months for the final result to appear. It is not unusual, therefore, that you are not quite satisfied with your looks shortly after the procedure, because your looks will still change. The scar will fade after around 3 months. After the surgery, you will get instructions on how to care for the area that was operated on. To ensure the smoothest possible recovery, follow these instructions closely. If you want to see results of past procedures now, take a look at the eyelid surgery before and after pictures.

No-obligation appointment for an eyelid surgery consultation at Wellness Kliniek

As you can see in our transparent eyelid surgery pricing table, the price of eyelid surgery depends on the type of procedure you choose. You do not have to make this choice on your own, because our specialists will help you with personal advice. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and go for those open eyes!

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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