Pubic Lift - Lifting of the Pubic Area


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Pubic lift and stomach correction: correcting the lower stomach. Has your pubic area become saggy? Is your lower stomach causing your pubic area to droop? If so, you could consider having a pubic lift or stomach correction. Stomach correction (abdominal wall plasty) will also lift your pubic area.

Plastic cosmetic surgery to give your lower stomach a beautiful silhouette once again is a highly demanded treatment. The procedure is especially popular with women but a pubic lift is also suitable for men.  

Pubic lift & Correction of the abdomen

Sagging of the pubic area, the pubic mound, is a very common problem in mature woman. Lifting the pubic area will aesthetically enhance this part of the body .

Pubic lift: the procedure

Drooping or ptosis of the pubic area is due to tissue weakness in the pelvic area. This condition is common in patients who have lost a lot of weight, after childbirth or as a result of aging. Drooping pelvic tissue can be corrected by an incision in the excess skin above the pubic area.

  • The excess skin is removed.
  • The skin around the pubic area is tightened.
  • The incision is closed using extremely fine stitches.

This procedure is often combined with a Mini-Abdominal plasty or Total Abdominal plasty to improve the contour of the stomach.

A pubic lift can be combined with other procedures for the body or face. For example, a pubic lift can be combined with an eyelid correction en teeth whitening.

The advantages of these combined surgical procedures are obvious. Only one anaesthetic is required and the total recovery period is much shorter: it is of course also much cheaper.

Pubic lift: your appointment for a consultation

Cosmetic treatment to lift the pubis, lower stomach can vary from one person to another. Sometimes you will need a stomach correction or abdominal wall plasty to achieve the desired result, a comprehensive pre-examination is therefore essential. During the consultation with one of our doctors you can discuss all your questions and wishes. The consultation will reveal which treatment method is best for you and what exactly you can expect.

We try to keep our waiting times as short as possible. We can usually make an appointment for you for a pubic lift within 4 weeks.

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