Liposuction Pubic Area


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Just like on other parts of the body (buttocks, stomach...) the pubic mound (pubic area just above the pubic bone) can store fat. This excess fat can even remain after losing weight. Your pubic mound - fat cushion bulges.

Liposuction, liposculpture of the pubic area can offer a solution.

Sometimes the pubic area - the skin above the pubic bone- can become saggy. This can be the result of childbirth, an operation, significant weight loss or just with aging.

A pubic lift possibly combined with a mini-tummy tuck, can visibly improve the lower stomach.

Liposuction: micro-sculpture of the pubic area

If you are not happy with how your pubic area looks, liposuction of the pubic mound can be considered to enhance the appearance. Also liposuction of overtly bulgy labia majora – the outer lips- is possible. Liposculpture of a protuding pubic area & MICRO-liposcultpure of the labia.

The pubic mound is the fatty tissue that covers the front of the pubic bone. In the case of a protruding pubis and, occasionally, overtly bulgy labia majora, micro-liposculpture can be performed.

After tumescent infiltration of the area we remove the fat, with a fine canula, under carefully controlled vacuum. 

Liposuction pubic area: fat transplant

If desired the harvested fat can be purified and transplanted in another area of the body: the Coleman micro-fat transplantation method.

Liposuction of the pubic mound

The procedure takes about one to two hours, and is performed under a local anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. After the procedure you will rest in the Wellness Kliniek.

The same day you will feel fit enough to return home or to your hotel. You can resume sexual activity in about 3 weeks.

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All intimate operations can be combined with other plastic surgical procedures. In our kliniek Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery are combined with specialist Gynaecology: our specialists work closely together in a multi disciplinary team.

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