Cosmetic Surgery for the Buttocks
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Cosmetic Surgery for the Buttocks - Bottom Surgery: buttock enhancement with protheses / buttocks firming, buttock enhancement / brazilian butt lift, buttock lift, liposuction / liposculture of the buttocks. Read our information pages about cosmetic surgery of the buttocks or have a look at our before and after photo pages.

Our guarantee:

  • All-inclusive prices: All our prices - rates include all the costs involved in your procedure: admission, medical fees, buttock implants, anaesthetic and all aftercare following your treatment. Rates do not include any VAT.
  • For larger procedures the overnight stay is also included in the price. 
  • Each additional intake consultation is free of charge.
  • 10 year guarantee against spontaneous rupturing of the buttock prostheses.
  • EN 15224 certified quality care: read more

Special offers! Save up to 40% on usual rates!

Temporary price offers: Please make your reservation before 28/02/2018. Rates do not include any VAT.
999 EUR
1250 EUR
Liposculpture 1 zone
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50 EUR
Consultation advice
25 EUR
Consultation booked online

Buttock enhancement

999 EUR
Liposculpture 1 zone
799 EUR
Supplement Brazilian Butt Lift with liposculpture 1 zone, per session
2150 EUR
Buttock Fold correction
3400 EUR
Buttock Lift
4700 EUR
Buttock augmentation with implants
5800 EUR
Lifting buttocks + augmentation with implants
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Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.