Nipple correction male before and after photos

Would you like to see the results of male nipple correction? We are happy to show you the results at our clinic with the nipple correction for men before and after photos on this page.

Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Reduction of the size of the areola
Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Reduction of the areola and correction of the size of the nipple
Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Nipple Correction Surgery for Men

Nipple correction men before and after

Are your breasts or nipples visible in your t-shirt and you don't like it? Not every man is happy with the shape or size of his nipples. Fortunately, aesthetic nipple correction surgery for men offers a solution. On this page, we like to show you photos before and after nipple correction surgery for men, so you know what to expect from plastic surgery.

Ladies can visit our page with nipple correction before and after photos for women.

What nipple correction for men is possible?

Did you know that nipple correction is in the top 5 most common plastic surgery for men? If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon to perform surgery on your nipples, be well informed. Every man may have a different reason for choosing to have his nipples corrected.

  • Nipples that bulge or protrude
  • Retracted nipples
  • Deformed or uneven nipples
  • An oversized areola
  • Swollen nipples

Best clinic for male nipple correction results

For an aesthetic correction of your nipples, you naturally choose an expert surgeon and a clinic with an official quality label. Wellness Kliniek received the WhatClinic award for best clinic with excellent experiences. This is an independent award based on many positive results and patient experiences. Moreover, Wellness Kliniek guarantees ISO 9001 quality assurance. The Clinic has 25 years of experience with more than 150,000 satisfied patients

Photos nipple correction men

A nipple correction is relatively simple and takes about 30 minutes. For this, you will be given a local anaesthetic. You can go home the same day. Photos of nipple correction before and after plastic surgery give you a good idea of what is possible.

Transparent all-in prices at Wellness Kliniek

All prices at Wellness Kliniek include all concerns: admission, the cost of surgery, anaesthesia and also all aftercare at Wellness Kliniek. Prices include VAT. View photos before and after and find out about costs.

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Optionally, you can combine correction of the nipples with an overall male breast reduction: gynaecomastia surgery.

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