Male Nipple Correction Before and After Photos

Male Nipple Correction Before and After Photos: Male Nipple Correction

Our surgeons specialise in correcting nipple imperfections. Male nipple correction surgery is an aesthetic procedure that is minimally invasive and leaves few scars. Our male nipple photos page shows just how effective our procedures are. One simple procedure can transform your self-image and improve your confidence.

Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Reduction of the size of the areola
Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Reduction of the areola and correction of the size of the nipple
Before Nipple Correction Before
After Nipple Correction After
Nipple Correction Surgery for Men

What is Male Nipple Correction Surgery?

Nipple correction surgery is a simple aesthetic procedure and the most popular male breast surgery procedure besides gynecomastia surgery. Aesthetic procedures are minimally invasive and create few scars. Nipple surgery does not take longer than an hour.

Imperfections can cause a lifetime of embarrassment. Enlarged nipples and puffy areolas can rub against clothing and create constant discomfort. Our patients report feeling self-conscious in the summer months at the beach and social events. 

This type of surgery is an easy, quick solution to common nipple imperfections. Flat, inverted, and enlarged nipples are a common problem for both men and women. Large areolas are also a common complaint amongst our patients. We specialise in male nipple reduction surgery, male inverted nipple surgery, and male puffy nipple reduction surgery.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Nipple Correction Surgery?

There are very few restrictions on who can have nipple correction surgery. Nipple imperfections are quite common. We can fix them in an easy, safe manner which means that most men are suitable candidates. We accept far more male than female patients for correction surgery. Women who want nipple correction surgery have to worry about milk ducts and breastfeeding. 

The most suitable candidates for any surgery are those who understand the limitations of the surgery. The condition of your nipples, areolas, and overall health can impact the outcome of the surgery. If you have an unrealistic idea of what your postoperative nipples and areolas will look like, we are unlikely to perform surgery on you. 

When you choose Wellness Kliniek, you are choosing a tailored experience. Each and every one of our patients is paired with a specialist surgeon. You will meet with your surgeon for a consultation.  A consultation is the first step towards achieving the outcome of your dreams. You can discuss your expectations and any questions you have during the consultation.

Male Nipple Photos Before and After

Whether you are considering aesthetic or invasive surgery, you should be fully aware of the postoperative outcomes. Before and after photos are an important part of the research process. It is important to look at male nipple photos before and after surgery to see whether your desired outcome is possible.

People travel from all over the world to visit our clinic. Our surgeons are pioneers of a technique that focuses on minimising scars and reducing the amount of strain on the body. Our male nipple photos show the quality and care that our surgeons put into each procedure. They work hard to create symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing nipples and areolas.

Male Nipple Surgery Cost

No amount of money can compare to feeling comfortable in your skin. At Wellness Kliniek, we do not pretend to offer the cheapest packages. Instead, we let the quality of our work speak for itself. 

We know that the cost of male nipple surgery is an important consideration for our patients. Some men save for years to be able to afford the surgery and change their lives. We offer our patients a sliding scale of services to suit every budget. 

Patients can halve the cost of their consultation by booking online. People who have a more comfortable budget can opt for extras like private rooms and overnight stays to make their recovery period more relaxing.

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