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    6 treatments in 1 session.
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White Teeth: Dental bleaching


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Dental Bleaching: White teeth: Safe professional bleaching by the dentist. Dental bleaching is a very popular treatment at our Kliniek for aesthetic dentistry.

  • 6 Treatments in 1 session!
  • The session lasts about 1 hour.
  • This guarantees you the optimal result! 

White teeth: Wellness Power2 Bleach

Make teeth whiter

The results of coffee, cigarettes, red wine and other discolouring substances over the years - just disappears before your eyes!

At the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium we use the new Power Bleach method: BriteSmile. A tailor-made treatment to make your teeth white and brighter.

Modern blue light technology in combination with light-frequency sensitive, soft bleaching gel is a very revolutionary method to optimally bleach all teeth in one session.

Dental bleaching - before Dental bleaching - after

Dental bleaching

Tooth Whitening: after whitening treatment your teeth are significantly whiter. The result is a bright, confident smile.

Dental bleaching - before Dental bleaching - after

Dental bleaching

White teeth: Professional dental bleaching by an aesthetic dentist  is a tailor-made treatment. Every set of teeth is different. The dentist ensures that the optimal result is achieved for you, without any damage to the teeth's enamel.

Professional dental bleaching by the dentist: a safe treatment.  

White teeth: Dental bleaching
6 treatments in 1 session: for optimal results !

Professional dental bleaching in 4 steps

  • 1. The aesthetic dentist examines your teeth.
  • 2. Your lips and gums are protected by a special material.
  • 3. The BriteSmile whitening gel is applied to your teeth and activated by a special blue light.
  • 4  Six sessions are carried out one after the other, each lasting 10 minutes.

End result guarantee

Optimal colour after treatment

The end result depends on the original, genetic properties of your teeth.

Whiter teeth - before Whiter teeth - after

Whiter teeth

After treatment some people will have a bright, white set of teeth. Others will be given a fresher, healthier appearance. The result is always the optimal result which can be achieved for your teeth, under safe and medically responsible conditions.   

White teeth: Prices - Cost

Invest in yourself

The prices fo the Wellness Power2 Bleach ar all-inclusive:

  • The pre-examination
  • A one-hour treatment = 6 bleaching sessions lasting 10 minutes each.

If you consider that one visit gives impressive results that will last for years, then a Wellness Power2 Bleach is very affordable. Who doesn't want to look their best at their weddding, interview or first date? White teeth make you look young and healthy, increase your self-confidence as you dare to laugh again! 

Dental bleaching - Frequently asked questions

  • Is the treatment suitable for everyone?
    Almost everyone who wants whiter teeth can undergo the Wellness Kliniek Power Bleach method, even people with bad stains from smoking, food and tetracyclines. It is important though that you still have your own teeth. False teeth, crowns or facings do not whiten like your real teeth as they are made in a certain colour and they will keep their original colour.
  • Is dental bleaching really safe?
    Safe? Absolutely! We use a special solution with a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide. This, in combination with a patented Gel and special Blue Light makes the Wellness Power Bleach an extremely safe method to give you teeth thair natural white colour back. Home kits often damage the enamel or the gums. Professional bleaching is infinitely safer and gives faster and better results.
  • Dental bleaching: Is the treatment painful?
    Most people experience no pain during the treatment. A small percentage experiences a light dull 'pain' after the treatment, which can be helped by taking a painkiller. Rinsing with tepid warm water is often just as effective.
  • Dental bleaching - How white will my teeth become?
    Our teeth are made of dentine and enamel. The colour and thickness of the dentine actually determines the colour of the tooth, the enamel is basically transparent. The canines are naturally yellower than the other teeth. This is because the layer of dentine is thicker in the canines.

    The colour of the teeth - of the dentine - is hereditary. One person may have naturally whiter teeth than another. Clinical research has shown that treated teeth are whitened on average by 2 - 3 shades, sometimes up to 9 shades. The colour is determined using a set colour guide which is used by dentists all over the world.

    Of course the results depend on the natural colour of your teeth and your personal circumstances. The aim is to achieve the optimal and maximum results for you. This can be done in 1 session lasting 1 hour.

  • Dental bleaching - How long do the results last?
    Because everybody’s teeth are different, so are the results. In general the whitening results can last between 2-3 years - depending on normal exposure to discolouring foodstuffs and drinks and if good oral hygiene is followed . Using the special products to maintain your white smile can prolong the results.

Wellness Power2 Bleach aftercare advice for optimal results !

Maintain your white teeth

There are various dental products to maintain your white teeth after the Wellness Power² Bleach ! Ask about them when you visit the Wellness Kliniek.

Post-treatment aftercare

We happily offer you advice during your treatment

Your lifestyle and dietary habits can result in a loss in your teeth's whiteness over time. BriteSmile products - toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening pen and chewing gum are specially designed to maintain you teeth's whiteness!

The range has been specially designed to prevent further discolouration. The products are Crystal clear and alcohol free and do not contain any colourants that could lead to discolouration of your teeth or dehydration of your gums.

BriteSmile To Go

The whitening pen is a patented technology based on water with a neutral pH. By regularly using this pen you will avoid discolouration and maintain a white, confident smile.

Your appointment to whiten - bleach your teeth

Dental bleaching is a very popular treatment at the Wellness Kliniek, so reserve your treatment in time!

To make an appointment it is best to contact us by phone.

We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possble. We can usually see you within 3-6 weeks to whiten your teeth.

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White teeth: bleaching teeth: let the dentist bleach your teeth. The professional bleaching by the dentist is a popular intervention in the Wellness Kliniek Belgium. White teeth in about 1 hour: the Wellness Power bleach treats your teeth 6 times in 1 session. this is done with modern blue light technology. Bleaching teeth with blue light is a safe technique and suitable for almost everyone. Bleaching is painless. The colour of teeth is determined hereditarily. Treated teeth become 2 to 3 shades whiter. In some cases even 9 shades of whiter teeth. Compare prices / costs for cosmetic aesthetic dentistry Belgium & the UK or London. Professional whitening of teeth for white teeth / white teeth can be done in 60 minutes. The Wellness Kliniek offers the best prices with warranty. You will get a radiant smile again. At the end of the treatment you will receive a special care package from the dentist. Cosmetic dentistry treatments: tooth bleaching, tooth bleaching, whitening front teeth, laser bleaching, plasma light: plasma lamp, blue light treatment. Compare the rates in Belgium and the UK or London.