General risks and side-effects of cosmetic surgery

Risks - Complications

Every surgical procedure, including plastic surgery, carries certain risks.

Each week plastic surgeons perform thousands of successful operations. However, each patient has to take into account that no treatment is completely without risk, however skillfully the surgery is performed.

The main risks of aesthetic plastic surgery operations are rejection of implants, sensory change in or around the operation area, decolourisation of the skin, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, infection, formation of bad scar tissue, and allergic reactions to the anaesthetic.

The consequences of these complications can usually be corrected by one or more additional operations. Exceptionally, a remaining aesthetic blemish, permanent functional damage or even death may be the result.

Itís very important to be well informed before undergoing an operation. Your doctor is the best source of information and will inform you about the general risks of a particular operation and can estimate your personal risk.

Poor general health, smoking, obesity, certain medication or drugs (taken at present or in the past) and age are all risk increasing factors.

Patients coming from abroad need to be aware that specialised early, medium and long-term surgical follow up may be essential in order to get the best result and maximum satisfaction.

The Wellness Kliniek warranty system applies to all after care provided it takes place in the Wellness Kliniek. We can not take any responsibility for aftercare performed elsewhere.

Reduce your risk of complications

People who smoke have a higher risk of complications. This is why we advise you to stop smoking at least three weeks before your procedure, and also not to smoke for the three weeks following your procedure. A reduced level in your general health, excess weight and age are also factors which increase the risks. Certain illnesses, medication and drug abuse can lead to a higher chance of complications.

Don't hesitate to confide in your doctor. It is important that your doctor is well-informed. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance for the Wellness Kliniek.

During your consultation the doctor will inform you about the risks and possible side-effects of your particular procedure. It is extremely important that you fully understand all possible risks and side-effects before undergoing surgery.

Don't hesitate to come for a second consultation for more information. A second intake consultation is free.

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