Aftercare and Recovery

Aftercare 24/7 - 365 days a year

We are there to support you day and night. Our doctors are there to advise and assist you until you are fully recovered.

You are given an appointment for a free check-up consultation. An additional check up can always be scheduled at your request. An additional check up is always free.

Following a day admission for cosmetic surgery you return home or spend the night in your chosen hotel.

Any serious complications related to the anaesthetic or the procedure (such as bleeding) usually appear within the first 24 hours and can be quickly treated. You will then spend one night or a couple of days recovering in our Kliniek, so that you can be properly treated and monitored.

After your procedure you will be given the after-care number of the Wellness Kliniek.

If you have a problem or any concerns, please contact us at any time. Ask your questions. Call us immediately if you experience any sign of abnormal healing such as:

  • Fever
  • Any inflamed areas 
  • If you feel generally unwell
  • Or if you have the least concern

Aftercare for patients that travel a long way

Our cosmetic surgeons recommend the following:

MIBIS Breast enlargement, liposuction, male breast reduction, eyelid surgery, hair transplantation, and dentistry: you can usually book a flight two days after your cosmetic surgery.

Breast reduction, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, facelift, nose correction and abdominoplasty: We recommend you stay between three and five days before taking a flight.

Patients that require special aftercare are advised to stay in Belgium until they make a full recovery.

When you return home you can contact your surgeon 24 hours a day.

Most stitches are dissolvable. You can visit your general practitioner or nurse for any stitches that do need to be removed, and for special wound care. Your home doctors and nurses are invited to contact your surgeon. This is sometimes necessary for follow-up treatment or to assess whether the healing process is progressing as desired.

In the case of a less favourable situation you have to come back so that you can receive additional treatment. This is inconvenient and will of course also involve extra travel and accommodation expenses, and possibly extra medical costs. All our aftercare is included: except for external costs and third-party costs.

Since the Wellness Kliniek specialises in minimally invasive procedures, no further professional aftercare is usually needed once you have left Belgium.

Free follow-up consultations

Check-ups after your treatment are an important part of the procedure. The post-operative consultations are included in the price of your treatment.

It is important that you keep the appointment for your check-up.

The post-operative check-up generally takes place 3 months after your operation. We advise you to contact us to arrange a suitable date.

If you cannot or do not wish to return to the Wellness Kliniek we request that you contact us by email and send us your findings + a photo three months after surgery.

It goes without saying that you are also welcome after the three months have passed.

Please don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Recovery period

After most surgical procedures you need to keep in mind that your normal activities will be limited for a while.

Allow yourself to rest and plan your social activities carefully.

Each treatment varies from person to person. Before undergoing surgery it is important to be well informed, also with regards to the after care and recovery period. Your doctor is the best source of information and he will inform you in detail about the recovery period for your particular operation.

  • Follow carefully the specific instructions you have received from your doctor.
  • Make sure that you spend the first 24 hours after you get home with a responsible adult.
  • You can return to your normal eating pattern at home unless instructed otherwise by the doctor.
  • Avoid alcohol the week after your operation. When you get home you can eat and drink normally again, unless advised otherwise by your doctor. 
  • Avoid clothes which are too warm, hot baths, saunas, pushing, lifting, squeezing, coughing, sneezing and emotional excitement.

Can I go on vacation after I have plastic surgery?

Of course you can go on holiday after your treatment if you wish. It is great to plan a few days relaxation in an exotic location. In some ways this may be easier than sitting at home, but you must be sensible: don't go out in the sun, and apply a high sun protection factor sunscreen.

Belgium: TOP destination for plastic surgery in Europe - quality certified private clinic

All plastic surgeons and dentists are experts in their cosmetic field and are fully government registered in their medical specialty. Wellness Kliniek Belgium stands for safe surgery. The Wellness Kliniek has 4 operating rooms, recovery department, accommodation facility, 25 beds, 10 private rooms with bathroom.

Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.

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