Your operation

Operation - treatment guidelines

Marly-Ann Spronken

You have been for a consultation at the Wellness Kliniek and you now want to book your operation.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your confidence.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

Do you want to reserve online? If so, please click on "Reservations" and follow the guidelines.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us or to arrange a second consultation.

We remain at your service.

Marly-Ann Spronken, CEO

What you need to know about your treatment

  • Reservation

    You can reserve your operation a few months in advance.

    We will confirm the date of your operation once we receive:

    • your signed reservation form
    • your treatment agreement
    • your deposit

    The reservation form and the treatment agreement are given to you at your consultation.

  • Payment by bank transfer

    We require full payment before your operation is performed.

    You can find the payment and cancellation terms and conditions on the operation reservation form that you received.

    Payment can be made by bank transfer to account number :

    IBAN: BE03 4530 2988 5184

    Please include your name and the date of your treatment as a reference with your bank transfer. 


  • Prepare properly for your operation

    Avoid alcohol and aspirine two weeks before the procedure.

    Try not to smoke.

    Take your blood thinning medication and follow the instructions the doctor gave you at your consultation.

    If you were given a prescription for vitamins, start taking them one week before your procedure will take place.

  • Make sure someone accompanies you

    It is compulsory that a responsible adult accompanies you at the moment of checking in in the morning.

    When leaving our clinic, make sure you are in the company of a responsible adult (min. 18 years of age and with a valid driver's license). You must be supervised for 24 hours following a procedure and you are not allowed to drive yourself.

    The night following your day treatment it is important to be accompanied.

  • Foreign patients

    Are you having a day treatment?

    We advise patients who have a long journey to stay overnight in a nearby hotel, and to leave for home a day later.

    If you are using public transport, it is definitely not advisable heading home immediately after your operation.

    Make a hotel reservation

  • Preparing for the recovery period

    Make the necessary arrangements with regards to work and plan your social activities for your recovery period. 

    After your procedure, ask the doctor to give you a sick note if you need one.

    Following the procedure, allow yourself the necessary time to rest.

  • Pay online

    You can pay online by credit card. Please click on "Reservation" and follow the instructions.

    You can also pay through bank transfer.

  • More questions?

    Do you still have questions about your procedure?

    Don't hesitate to call us or to book a second free consultation to discuss them with the doctor.

  • Timing of your operation

    A few days before your procedure, we will contact you to let you know what time it will take place.

    Please arrive on time.

  • Receiving visitors after your operation

    Family or a friend is welcome to support you the day of your procedure and afterwards.

    For your peaceful stay and that of other patients, we only allow one visitor per patient.

    Your companion could visit Genk while your operation is being performed. The Wellness Kliniek is located in the centre of the town.

    Read more

  • Preoperative fasting

    You need to fast before you arrive on the day of your procedure. You must not have eaten or drunk anything from midnight.

  • Medication

    It is important that your surgeon is properly informed about any medication you are taking (as well as any drugs).

    Bring with you all medication that you have been taking recently to the Wellness Kliniek. If you are taking daily medication (prescribed by your doctor) in most cases you can take it the morning of your operation.

    Take your blood thinning medication, follow your surgeon's specific instructions carefully.

  • Check-up

    We will contact you a few day before your procedure. You will be given a date and time for your check-up.

    Please make the necessary arrangements in advance for this very important appointment.

  • Intravenous sedation and anaesthetic

    The sedation takes some time to wear off.

    To avoid feeling nauseous it is better not to eat anything during the hours directly after your procedure.

    Patients who stay at the clinic overnight will be provided with a late evening meal and breakfast.

    Read more about anaesthetic-sedation.

  • Hygiene

    It is extremely important that you wash yourself thoroughly before the procedure.

    It is also important for small procedures that you bath or shower the morning of your operation, and that you lather your body completely and rinse properly.

    Remove all traces of make-up from your face, eyes, lips and neck.

  • Nails - contact lenses - false teeth - jewellery

    • Remove nail varnish from both hands
    • If you wear false nails you need to remove the nail from the index finger on your right hand.
    • Do not wear contact lenses, jewellery or a watch
    • You may possibly leave your false teeth in.
    • Do not bring any valuables with you.
  • Home care

    Carefully follow the special aftercare instructions that you are given.

    • Allow yourself a few days rest
    • Make sure that you have painkillers such as paracetamol at home.
    • Once you get home you can eat and drink as normal, unless you are advised otherwise.
    • Try to avoid smoking
    • Avoid alcohol for a few weeks after your operation.
    • Make time for your subsequent check-ups.
    • Have your stitches or staples removed on time.  
  • Clothing

    • We will provide you with a bath robe and slippers.
    • Wear comfortable clothes after the procedure, such as a tracksuit.

    If you are staying at the clinic overnight, please bring pyjamas or a nightdress and your toiletries with you.

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