Food allergy blood test: 360 EUR

Test for more than 100 foodstuffs at once.

Food allergy - food intolerance: blood test

Food intolerance / allergy blood test

Nutrition: Blood screening for food allergy - food intolerance:

Food allergy? Sensitive to certain foods? Intolerance of certain foods - foodstuffs can lead to obesity, fluid retention, chronic fatigue, skin diseases, allergies and other diseases. A simple blood test will detect which foods you can't tolerate.

Dieting? Health complaints?

A food intolerance test is often the first step before starting a diet or treatment. 

Food allergy - food intolerance blood test

How can a healthy diet make you sick or fat?

food intalleranceMilk, tomatoes, steak and beans are healthy - but not for everyone! What constitues a healthy diet for most people can result in health complaints and obesity in others.

Food intolerance can affect your health and well-being for years because of the reaction it evokes from the immune system.

The human immune system is important for our well-being. It fights infections caused by bacteria, virusses, fungi or parasites. Intolerance is different: our body - our immune system - reacts defensively to a strange substance (food). This can lead to chronic health complaints and obesity.

Food intolerance has recently been linked to various complaints such as:

  • Obesity / stomach bloating / fluid retention
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Diabetes mellitus type II
  • Fybromyalgia
  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Joint complaints
  • Certain skin diseases
  • Chronic stomach - intestinal complaints
  • Migraine

By eliminating those foods which you can't tolerate, revealed in the results of the blood tests, the stress on the immune system is removed and the chronic complaints visibly improve or may even disappear completely.

How can you be unaware of any food allergy or intolerance?

What's tricky about food intolerance is that it often remains undiagnosed for life. Physical problems can appear from 8 to 72 hours after a certain food is digested.

Therefore it can occur that stomach and intestinal problems appear on Friday even though the apple or banana was eaten on Wednesday.

Why have the test?

The doctor advises every patient suffering from permanent complaints or oversensitivity to have the intolerance blood test. Different analyses are used to test different foods.

The results are compiled so that each patient receives his/her personal "Immunity Profile".

What happens then? It's very simple - you avoid the foods to which you are oversensitive. Have the test! You'll be surprised by your personal dietary profile. Don't worry about excluding cow's milk as a source of calcium, goat's milk and broccoli are also good alternatives.

Weight loss? The first step in starting your diet

Blood analysis to track down food intolerance

food intoleranceBefore beginning treatment or a diet it is important that you first have a simple blood analysis. Often it seems that when you leave out the foods which you can't tolerate, you lose a lot of weight without any dieting.

People who suffer from fluid retention, stomach bloating and wind especially benefit from the test.

Food intolerance blood test in the Wellness Kliniek

The food allergy test

You make an appointment and arrive with an empty stomach. This means that you can not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the treatment.

Blood samples are taken and sent to a specialist laboratory where the tests are carried out. The tests take about 2 weeks to complete.

Then you have your consultation with the doctor:

You are given your personal test results with an individually compiled nutritional plan and the doctor's advice.  

How much does a food intolerance blood test cost?

This test costs 360 EUR. The Wellness Kliniek tests for more than 100 foodstuffs at once. This examination is also suitable for children.

Making an appointment for your consultation

For an appointment for a food - intolerance - allergy - blood test it is best to contact us by phone.

Together we will find a date which is convenient for you. We can usually see you within 4 weeks. 

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