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  • Welcome to the Wellness Kliniek Welcome to the Wellness KliniekThe goal of the medical programme is fast weight loss with permanent results.
  • Considerable experience Considerable experienceThe Wellness Kliniek has been operating for over 15 years. We have considerable experience of diets with medical supervision.
  • Initial consultation Initial consultationAt the initial consultation you must arrive after having fasted for the previous 12 hours. This is important for the special blood analysis.
  • Thorough examination Thorough examinationThe doctor assesses your metabolism and your general health. The aim is to effectively treat chronic health complaints and excess weight.
  • Fast weight loss Fast weight lossFood intolerance and the thyroid gland can have a serious impact on your metabolism. A healthy metabolism helps you to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Successful weight loss Successful weight lossA comprehensive blood analysis is the first step to successful results. When your thyroid is functioning properly and if you avoid the foods your body does not tolerate you will usually lose quite a few kilos without additional dieting.
  • Specialised tests Specialised testsYour blood is sent to a specialist laboratory. A thorough blood analysis for food intolerance takes two weeks.
  • Quality Guarantee Quality GuaranteeWe have EN 15224 Quality Certification for the healthcare sector. At the Wellness Kliniek you can be sure that you are in good hands.
  • Second consultation Second consultationThe results of the blood test reveal your personal Immune profile. At your second consultation the doctor compiles your personal nutrition plan.
  • Annual check-up Annual check-upMost patients then only return once a year for a check-up. Often it appears that other chronic symptoms also improve.
  • Permanent results Permanent resultsSlimming is only successful if the weight loss is permanent.
  • Short waiting lists Short waiting listsWe do our best to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you within 6 weeks for your slimming consultation.
  • On-Line Reservation On-Line ReservationYou can make your reservation online. Don't forget to call us first to reserve a DATE for a consultation for your blood test.
  • Price Guarantee Price GuaranteeThe prices remain valid for up to 2 months following your reservation.
  • Always at your service Always at your serviceOur appointments desk is open from 8 am until 6 pm.
  • We are already looking forward to your visit! We are already looking forward to your visit!We will answer all your questions. To make an appointment it is best to contact us by phone.

Medical supervision - Fast weight loss

The Wellness Kliniek is specialised in metabolic examinations and treatments. We offer a slimming plan for people with a BMI lower than 30. People with a higher BMI can contact us for a possible stomach reducing procedure.

Some people lose weight quickly and some don't. Even if they try their hardest the excess kilos do not budge. A successful diet is therefore best followed under a doctor's supervision.

The Wellness Kliniek offers a medical diet plan which gives permanent results!

More information about weight loss

  • Fast weight loss

    Fast weight loss

    • The Wellness Kliniek's goal is fast weight and volume loss with permanent results.
    • Before starting a diet it is important that you first undergo a complete blood analysis.
    • A full blood analysis is the first step to successful treatment.
  • Medical analysis

    Medical analysis

    The doctor will identify your personal parameters. He will do so by carrying out a physical examination and blood tests.

    The blood tests reveal any possible food intolerances and how the thyroid is working.

    When all the parameters are identified you can take them into account.

    It is the most important step for people who have tried several diets without achieving permanent results.

  • Food Intolerance

    Food Intolerance

    • The food intolerance blood test is the first important step.

    We are often sensitive to certain foodstuffs without even being aware of it.

    Food intolerance influences almost all the bodily functions, especially the metabolism.

    If our metabolism is disturbed then we lose weight much slower. It is important to ensure that metabolic functions are working at an optimal level once more. 

  • Thyroid gland

    Thyroid gland

    The thyroid gland is the body's thermostat which influences certain bodily functions. The thyroid also regulated the metabolism.

    • Excluding thyroid problems is important for successful result.

    If you have thyroid problems the doctor can prescribe suitable treatment.

  • Fluid retention

    Fluid retention

    People who suffer from fluid retention, swollen stomach, flatulence and headaches often benefit from a food intolerance test.

    • If you exclude the forbidden foodstuff many symptoms usually disappear by themselves or are reduced.
  • YO YO effect

    YO YO effect

    The yo yo effect is a well-known phenomenon in people who have metabolic problems.

    If you have tried several diets but always put weight back on afterwards this could have something to do with an intolerance to certain foods or a thyroid that isn't working properly.

    •  A diet is only successful if the results are permanent.
  • You can do it

    You can do it

    You know very well that you need to exercise and avoid sweets and cake. You don't need to visit a dietician to hear this advice.

    A medical blood analysis and examination is important to identify your personal parameters.

    • Then you can get started, often further medical guidance is no longer necessary.  
  • Your consultation

    Your consultation

     A successful diet starts with an examination, a full blood test and thyroid check.

    • You arrive for your initial consultation having fasted beforehand for the blood tests.
    • At the follow-up consultation the results are discussed and a diet plan is compiled.
    • Most people usually return to the Kliniek once a year for a check-up.
  • Nil by mouth

    Nil by mouth

    •  You arrive at the consultation having fasted beforehand.

    It is important that you have fasted the day you come for your blood tests. This means that you have not had anything to eat or drink for at least 8 hours before your blood tests. You may however still drink water.

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