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Which body parts can be treated with liposuction?

Even if you diet or exercise, it is difficult to lose fat in certain areas. In both women and men, fat can be stubbornly stored in certain areas. Liposuction or liposculpture is a popular and effective solution to remove unwanted fat from specific areas of the body.

blog 02/04/2021 by Barbra

Liposuction or liposculpture

Local fat deposits can be so troublesome that they can throw your body out of balance. At the Wellness Kliniek, we now prefer the term 'liposculpture'. Liposuction or liposculpture helps to bring your body's contours back into proportion by removing the fat and reshaping your body the way you want it. The removed fat cells do not come back, which makes for remarkable results.

The different body parts

Liposuction literally means 'sucking out fat'. The most popular places to lose fat are the hips and buttocks (jodhpurs) in women and the abdomen in men. But you can also suffer from localised fat deposits in other places, such as a double chin, cheeks, back, arms, etc. In principle, unwanted fat can be removed from many different places on the body.

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A more beautiful body after liposuction?

Wondering if liposuction is the solution for you? Make an appointment for a free consultation at the Wellness Kliniek. During the consultation, you'll get to know the doctor. Currently, you will receive a €25 discount on your consultation when you book online! Book your online no-obligation appointment at a 50% discount.