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Malvina's breast augmentation experience at Wellness Kliniek

I had been insecure about my breasts for a long time. After a lot of research, I ended up at Wellness Kliniek's Facebook group. Thanks to this, I finally dared to take the step and decided to go for next-day surgery. I’m still very happy with this decision and would like to share my experience with you in this blog.

Testimonial 19/05/2022 by Malvina

Thanks to the Facebook group, I made the best decision of my life

Hello everyone, my name is Malvina. For some time now, I’ve been very insecure about the size of my breasts and have been considering breast enlargement for a long time. After a lot of research, I ended up at Wellness Kliniek's Facebook group. This group helped me a lot and I finally dared to make an appointment. Since I live in the south of France, I opted for next-day surgery. On 11 January, I had my first consultation with the surgeon and the operation was scheduled for the day after, on 12 January.

Next-day surgery

After hearing many positive comments about Wellness Kliniek, I chose to come to Belgium for my surgery. Together with my boyfriend, I looked for a place to stay and we flew to the north of France. The next morning, we took the train together to Genk.

As my consultation with doctor Taraquois was at 4 pm, I still had time to get settled in my room. My surgery was scheduled for next day, at 11 am. I was very happy to have a hotel room close to the clinic.

My first consultation at Wellness Kliniek

On 11 January, I had my first consultation with doctor Taraquois. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, since I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted yet. I tried different sizes, from 300 cc to 400 cc. Before the surgery, I had a large cup size B. At first, I was afraid that 395 cc was going to be too much for me, since many other girls who fit this size have a cup size A. Doctor Taraquois gave me advice on what would be the best choice for me. In the end, we decided on 395 cc prosthetics. Since I was able to try on the prosthetics, I got a clear idea of the result. Doctor Taraquois gave me good advice and reassurance before the surgery.

The day of the breast enlargement

The moment I had been looking forward to for so long finally arrived! I must admit that I was filled with doubts right up to the operating table. Fortunately, the nurses were very friendly and immediately reassured me. After completing the questionnaire for the anaesthesiologist, a few more pictures were taken of my breasts. After this, I was escorted to the operating room with another patient, who I think was just as nervous as me. Walking into the operating room, I immediately noticed how clean everything was. There’s no denying this!

The doctor came around one last time to listen to me to see if my choice had changed. I had my doubts, but after being reassured by the doctor and nurses, I stuck with my first choice. While the IV was inserted by the nurses, they talked to me. They were very kind and gentle. Even though not all of them could speak French, they made an effort to understand me.

Before I knew it, I woke up with my new breasts!

The healing process of breast enlargement

When I woke up, I heard a nurse say my name. Once out of my "daze" I felt a stabbing pain on my chest. I was immediately given a drink and a painkiller. The nurses were a great help to me. They helped me drink and get dressed. A few hours after my surgery, the nurse accompanied me to the car in a wheelchair. My friend took me to our hotel room and went to get the prescribed medication for me. I do recommend having someone with you during your surgery who can take care of you. After spending one day in my hotel room, I chose to stay an extra night. This way, I could get some rest before I left to return home.

"My self-esteem has increased and my confidence has grown. I’m finally learning to love myself!"

Once at home and four days after my surgery, I was already able to handle the pain well and no longer needed pain medication. I could see under my bandage and immediately felt a lot more confident than before! After the removal of the bandage, I could really see what my new breasts looked like. I’m in love with the result! The scars are perfect. They’re nicely aligned, small and fall exactly into the fold of the breast, as I wanted.

In the following weeks, I noticed the shape of my breasts started to look a little different. I asked if this was normal. Both Wellness Kliniek and the Facebook group told me not to worry. Your breasts take a few months to loosen up and during this process, a small difference can be seen between the two breasts. After six months, this was completely gone! I’m still super happy.

My self-esteem has increased, my confidence has grown and I’m finally learning to love myself. Before my breast enlargement, I would never dare to take pictures like this and certainly not share them with others. It's like a rebirth and I recommend it to everyone!

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