Male breast reduction: treatment & benefits

Male breast reduction: treatment & benefits

Male breast reduction, the surgical option to remove excess tissues and fat in the chest area.

blog 10/03/2020 by Wellness Kliniek

Excessive fat and visible sagging in the chest area can be very embarrassing for men. The development of such excess tissue may be due to hereditary conditions or due to a poor life style choice. Hormonal irregularities are however the main reason behind the extra tissue build-up in the breast region for men. This irregularity is medically labeled as Gynaecomastia. Wellness Kliniek in Belgium provides excellent treatment for such conditions via Gynaecomasty, the surgical option to remove the excess tissues and fat. This write up aims at explaining the treatment and the procedure followed in the clinic. 

How it can be reduced?

Male breast reduction surgery is a combination of liposuction and a surgical procedure in which the excess tissues and fat around the breast are removed. The incisions made during this surgery are small and the cuts are made along the natural curves in the skin, however a few minor scars may remain after the surgery. 


Firstly, the surgeon examines whether you are a suitable candidate for the breast reduction procedure and then decides upon the technique best suited to you. The patients are informed of the possible risks, aftercare procedures and the final result to be expected and only then further steps are taken.


The procedure can be performed as an outpatient routine, which means you can arrive at the Wellness Kliniek for your treatment in the morning (which is performed under intravenous sedation) and leave post the surgery based on your surgery’s outcome. Excess breast tissues are removed endoscopically combined with liposuction to suck out the fat deposits. The entire procedure is performed under the skin so as to minimize scarring.  

Complications and Result

General Complications can be mood swings, infection, irregularities under the surface of the skin, incorrect healing of the wound and an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. 
Things will return to normal after six weeks and there will be barely any evidence of the procedure! 


The clinic helps the patients even after the surgery; a medical emergency number will be given to the patients and they can contact the doctor 24/24, 365 days a year! Wellness Kliniek reviews in different websites may provide more details on the actual procedure and will help you draw from personal experiences of other people and decide upon a course of action.