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Breast Enlargement and the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Not happy with your breasts and considering a breast enlargement? Then it is important to gather sufficient information and to get answers to all your questions.

blog 26/02/2021 by Barbra

Breast enlargement with implants or with your own fat?

Breast enlargement is a procedure during which we improve the shape and size of the breasts. This can be done by placing implants or by injecting your own fat. Breast enlargement with your own fat is also known as lipofilling. Thanks to this natural breast enlargement, your breasts can go up one cup size.

When you want a breast enlargement of more than one cup size, we recommend opting for a breast enlargement with implants. At the Wellness Kliniek, we use our own developed MIBIS technique. It is a simple and extremely safe method.

Will the procedure leave any scars?

Breast enlargement with implants requires an incision of only 2 to 3 cm. You and the doctor will discuss where the incision will be made. This may be around the areola, in the fold under the breast, or in the hollow of the armpit. A small incision around the areola or under the breast is the least visible in the long run. The scars will be barely visible.

Does the recovery process hurt?

After a breast enlargement, you will need to recover for a while, but this is definitely worth it! Together, we will look at the best and fastest way to achieve the desired results and speed up the healing process. Of course, you want to enjoy your dream bosom as soon as possible. Read more about aftercare and recovery after breast enlargement here. Also read the story of C.C., who had a breast enlargement at Wellness Kliniek and shared her experience.

Why choose the Wellness Kliniek?

There is no secret to our success. For over 20 years, the Wellness Kliniek has been dedicated to spreading self-confidence and happiness among patients all over the world. With more than 100,000 satisfied patients, we are among the leading aesthetic surgery clinics in Europe. We carry out more than 3,000 breast enlargements a year and always guarantee the best results.

During the first consultation, you will immediately get to know the doctor who will treat you later on. The first consultation is also entirely without obligation. You are under no obligation to choose a treatment.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of a breast enlargement with a plastic surgeon or receive personal advice? A consultation with one of our doctors costs €50 if you pay on the spot. If you book a consultation online, you only pay €25. Make your appointment here.