• Hair transplantation starting at 1650 EUR

    Lasting and natural looking result.
    This price is exclusive of VAT.

  • Galeatomy procedure now only 1590 EUR

    This special offer is valid until 31/01/2020.
    This price is exclusive of VAT.

  • PRP Hair loss treatment for 975 EUR

    Hair restoration without surgery.
    This price is exclusive of VAT.

Hair transplantation & hair loss prevention
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Our prices for hair transplantation / hair loss prevention are always all-inclusive: costs for admission, the operation, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure are included. Rates do not include any VAT.

Read more about hair implantation:

Check out the results that can be achieved with hair transplantation of body hair and facial hair:


Consultation 50 EUR
Consultation booked online 25 EUR

Hair transplantation

Micro grafting up to 500 grafts 1650 EUR
Micro grafting up to 750 grafts 2250 EUR
Micro grafting up to 1000 grafts 2750 EUR
Micro grafting up to 1250 grafts 3500 EUR
Micro grafting up to 1500 grafts 4250 EUR
Micro grafting up to 1750 grafts 4750 EUR
Micro grafting up to 2000 grafts 5250 EUR
Micro grafting up to 2250 grafts 5500 EUR
Micro grafting up to 2500 grafts 6000 EUR
Micro grafting up to 2750 grafts 6500 EUR
Micro grafting up to 3000 grafts 7250 EUR
Micro grafting up to 3250 grafts 7750 EUR
Micro grafting up to 3500 grafts 8250 EUR

Hair Loss Prevention

Galeatomy for hair loss prevention 1590 EUR
Supplement galeatomy with HT 1190 EUR
PRP Treatment (PRP Therapy) 975 EUR
Supplement PRP with HT 750 EUR

Scalp extension

Scalp extension / per session 2895 EUR
Supplement scalp extension implant 1360 EUR


Eyelashes: 1 upper eyelid 2550 EUR
Eyelashes: both upper eyelids 3400 EUR
1 Eyebrow: partial filling 1395 EUR
1 Eyebrow: full filling 1795 EUR
2 Eyebrows: full filling 3190 EUR
Both eyelashes & both eyebrows 5000 EUR


Moustache: partial filling 1395 EUR
Moustache: full filling 2795 EUR
Beard: per session 2995 EUR


Pubis: per session 2690 EUR
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